Weird Wording - The Authority of the Watch Tower Society

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  • berrygerry

    So, while pulling up old articles on the baptism post, and the necessity of this step, I see this strange sentence:

    Neither the Watch Tower Society nor any human today can lessen the force of that indication of God’s will.

    (WT Jan 15, 1971, page 64).

    So, are there then other scriptural areas that the Watch Tower Society CAN lessen God's will?

  • Lieu

    That's written before the changed the dunking statement from "Holy Spirit" to "God's spirit directed organization".

    (Never mind what God's stated will was on the matter.)

    Watch the use of "indication"; it's slick.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    If you see a cars indicator (turn signal for you over the pond lot) blinking and you assume the car is likely to be turning in that direction very very soon now (in WT parlance) then if he doesnt you were at fault for misreading his indications, not him for leaving them on or getting his left and right mixed up.

    It's the same big J and his indications, except he doesnt exist and any indications are born of fertile imaginations and indoctrinations of men to believe in such things.

    Indications is the get out of jail free card for blame mitigation.

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