The Australian Jesus - a former JW elder?

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  • TheWonderofYou

    Did you know that the Australian cult leader who claims to be Jesus was a former JW elder. I had already watched years ago such interviews with him. But nobody talked about that he was a JW elder. Now I read that he was. OMGoodness. Or is he a lyer only giving JW as background to look somehow more religious?

    Was he kicked out and confused? Did he have a sudden knowledge that he is Jesus? In which congregation he served? Some must know him. Where are his parents?

    However: He got the best job ever - the highest rank - Jesus - better than a best life ever under the regime of 8 monkeys.

    Does someone from the forum know him?

    Here he is : Alan John Miller and his wife Mary Magdalene

    He was an elder

    Miller used to be an elder in the Jehovah's Witnesses and used to be a computer systems engineer.[2] In 2007, Miller purchased a 16-hectare property at Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia.

    His religion is the Divine Truth, what else.


    An older thread from this forum from 7 years ago


  • WingCommander

    Yes, I heard this. He's taken a page straight from the Governing Body playbook and has run with it. Why work for a living, when you can gullible suckers and schmucks to do it for you while you live like a King with hot wifey?

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