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  • Biahi

    A person said they were working at an adult bookstore…a JW came in to do exterminating. Saw the former brother working behind the counter. Lol. My first thought was, how is it fine for a brother to exterminate in an adult bookstore, but not a church?

  • WingCommander

    If Anthony Moron da Turd can pack a cart full of $1000 worth of fine Scotch at a Bottle King store on a Sunday morning in North Jersey, than Brother Zapit can spray some cock-a-roaches in an adult bookstore. Just leave the curtain open to the back room where the video screens are.........wouldn't want him to get.......distracted too long.

  • mickbobcat

    I used to own a service store years ago. I had the elders wanting to DF me so bad. They would follow me around and found me working at a church. That is a no no. When I had worked in the Elders store that I separated from and started my own in the same town, they would tell people who came in looking for work to be done on their church that only JWs were gods people and their church is run by Satan. That wold go over like a lead balloon.

    After starting my store I would do all the churches I could. This would lead to a great bit of work from the parishioners. But the elders came knocking. My GF who was an elder knew they were trying to railroad me and said if the checks are from a private individual they can not do anything, only if the checks are from the church itself. So I would tell the story to the church and the issue and they would no problem pay me with a private check.

    So I was not working for the church but for an individual that had me work at a church. In the eyes of the cult its like a roofing company you work for that happens to do some work now and then on churches, you can work on it if its not the only thing the roofing company does is work for that church. Talks about some ticked off elders.

  • Overrated

    For Awhile I use to do building inspections. Somehow the elders got wind that I inspected a church. What's the big deal? I work for a company I can't be selective in what I inspect. The elders .one elder made such a stink about. But wanted a special favor an wanted me to sign off on something . Which I was unable to sign off on their project. Karma gets them every time.

  • Biahi

    I love how when people leave, the elders try to “get” them on something. You can sure tell this is gods “loving” organization.

  • Overrated

    God's Loving Organization alright! Since I have faded I have had elders calling/coming by to encourage me to return to Gee-hober. I guess because I have a good well-paying job and position of authority, they think they need me. Or more like need my $$$$.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    a JW came in to do exterminating

    They are good at exterminating things, that's for sure:




    God's grace

    other people's reputation



  • RolRod

    Hold on Mick, your GF was an elder???

  • Atlantis

    The letters (GF) must stand for grand father. Right? Not girl friend. Or do I need another cup of coffee to wake up.


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    if the checks are from a private individual they can not do anything

    I wonder if they followed this procedure themselves when they sold off all those Kingdom Halls to other churches?

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