Step dad is a elder

by Jayk 3 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Jayk

    I was unware of this. The irony is my mom is so "different" most her witness family barely wants anything to do with her.. She has spoken badly about my own brothers to other witness parents. Most witnesses who know my family and situation have said not even the bible has the answers to helping us. Now she is a elders wife and feels more entitled to telling others how to live there life. Im trying to patch things up. For being only 28, I've actually spend almost half my life not speaking to her. It's not even the fact my family doesn't want much to do with me. I haven't wanted anything to do with them. I've told people I never had a problem with the organization just with her. She has been DF 3 times. I only know why 1 of the times she did the other 2 she thinks I know but I actually dont.. she feels I would probably use it again her if we get into arguments.

  • dubstepped

    It's okay not to patch things up with toxic people.

  • scratchme1010

    I agree with dubstepped. That applies to both JWs and non-JWs, family and not family.

  • Jayk

    I'm figuring this out the hard way. My oldest brothers wife said "if any one or us ever have kids we shouldn't leave them with her"

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