Letter to Tony Morris and the management team at the Unicorn Ranch

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Dear Tony Morris and all the management at the Unicorn Ranch,

    Since I know you are avid readers of our delightful posts here on JW discussion, I thought I would take the opportunity to ask you a few key questions but first a little background info about me.

    When I joined your outfit many years ago I was a schoolboy and believed what your organisation told me to believe (I was not very bright) and I expected the end of the “old world system of things” to come in my youth as you had said. Of course it didn’t, it still hasn’t and I’m sure this fact must hang heavily on your conscience.

    My father told me that Jehovah’s Witnesses break up families and defending the Watchtower up to the hilt, I told him, ”Rubbish!” How disrespectful of me.

    I declined the offer of college education as you had suggested and later gave up my job to become a window cleaner, my father threw me out of his house for giving up a career and joining such a family- breaking cult but I wouldn’t listen to him, I just got on with it and pioneered like a good obedient JW zombie.

    Later still I got married and had three children, alas, I only have one of my children who speaks to me freely as one warm rational human to another, the other two remain Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Ok governing body and other managers, I admit we mock you here, it may not all be justified but once you also wake up and leave the org, then you too will get to be as angry as we are, then you too, will understand us.

    Having stopped being a JW we awaken to the realization that we have been deceived, had our education stunted, our earning capacity limited, years of our lives totally wasted spent on a useless and undeserving cause, and often for good measure we had our families torn apart and split into factions, for and against the JW organisation, exactly like my father had warned me.

    Tony and co, have you ever stopped to think and ponder that if God existed he has not blessed the Watchtower/ JW org at all? Never have the predictions come true. How ironic that it was the very same false predictions which have financially fuelled the JW business enterprise! Gives pause for thought doesn’t it?

    Do you ever lie in bed thinking that all you have to do is keep moving the goal posts forward into the future and the wonderful, simple, faithful brothers and sisters will keep going to the meetings and lap up the propaganda and pay your bills?

    Ask yourself, search deep into your heart; is this really what God wants? Or is it rather a matter of keeping the business on the rails? What do you fear most? What you fear most is your master. Who really is your master?

    Which one of you will be the first to come clean and admit that the organisation is a fraud and offers a delusional, never to happen hope of paradise and that your hope of heaven is yet just another Biblical fantasy. Have you awoken to the reality that religion universally is kept alive by the by the vain hope of avoiding death? Have any of you already realised that there is no possible means of avoiding death?

    Have any of you yet discerned that your reliance on a collection of fictional Iron Age texts is not providing life or benefits for the sheep, it is harming them and you don’t care for their welfare, you only care about your squeaky clean public image and your standing in the financial community.

    Please-- when the first of you wake up, do come here and let us know how you really felt.

    Wishing all of you the sleep of the innocent and a clean conscience,

    Yours sincerely

    Half banana

  • steve2

    Half banana, I like your letter! Well done! I can read it but I worry that the Governing Body and Tony will need to have a simplified version (just like the simplified Watchtower) with lots of colorful pictures. Tony may struggle with some of the bigger words you use.

  • stuckinarut2

    It may be too difficult for ToMo3 and his mates to read this...as their heads are too far up their own backsides...

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I think you're right Steve, words like "rational" might be a bit of a stumper and then there are others quite alien to the JW vocabulary such as "delightful" and "innocent".

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