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    I wrote this one the other thread, but maybe it gets lost in it.

    I'm considering adding one section to my essay on the subject of shunning. Perhaps it may evolve into a book. I think it would add considerable weight to it if I would include two or three real life stories of people who suffered shunning. I would also like to add at least one story of someone who was forced to shun another person to illustrate the consequences that shunning has on both ends of it. Also, if someone was disfellowshipped because he/she refused to shun a disfellowshipped person, I would also like to know about it.

    If you have a poignant personal story, that involves broken family relations (parents shunning children or vice-versa, siblings shunning each other, friendships broken, divorces, job loss in retaliation for disfellowshipping etc) and where the consequences have resulted in psychological trauma, destructive behavior, suicide ... I will be interested to hear about it. Of particular interest is a story of shunning after someone denouncing a case of child abuse, fraud, etc in the Organization. Naturally real names won't be disclosed. But keep in mind, it should be a poignant story that illustrate the dramatic effects of shunning. (For example, I have been experiencing shunning, but I don't find my story particularly poignant)

    Please contact me, either via IM or to my email [email protected]

    Thank you


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    Shameless bump
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    Bump it again. This is an important work of revealing the Truth about the JWBorg Cult which should be documented extensively.

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