Mormons attempting to recruit KIDS

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  • Scully

    My 10 year old just came back from the park at the end of our crescent. She said there were people doing a puppet show for kids. She said they were giving out books about "Family Fun Days" and wanted to get a book. They gave her the following "collector cards":

    I am extremely irritated by this charade of putting on a puppet show to lure kids into a edit cult!! THE NERVE!!!

    I will be spending more time at the park.... (the question is, do I take my BASEBALL with me? or leave it home??)

    How would you explain the concept of CULTS to kids??

    Love, Scully

  • shamus

    The crap just goes on, doesn't it scully?

  • logansrun

    Somewhat off topic....

    Would you believe than on another ex-JW forum one of the moderators is a Mormon? He never even had anything to do with the JWs. Weird.

    Oh well. The Mormons are not as bad as the dubs (imho), but are a cult nonetheless. Keep your kids away from them.


  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    oh boy, I can see it now, JW puppet shows on the street corner, some groups sink so low.

  • Scully

    Actually, they came to the house later on.

    I asked them if they keep a Do-Not-Call list. They said no. I told them "Well, you'd better start one, because if I ever hear about you sneaking around neighbourhood parks trying to lure little kids into your church with puppet shows, I will be calling the local by-law officer and will be submitting a formal complaint. Am I making myself CLEAR, Elder James and Elder Richard??"

    I kinda feel bad... they're just young guys... doing what they think is right... what they have been "ordered" to do by the tenets of their faith.... just like we used to do. They were skeeeered of me!! LOL They must be maybe 18 or 19. Talk about trial by fire!!

    Anyway, when I saw that they were upset, I told them that I had a VERY bad experience in the past with people who take their religion door-to-door, and that I would appreciate it that they or anyone else from their church NOT call again. I also told them that my children did NOT have permission to go to their "puppet show" and that I expected these young men to be courteous of that and inquire ahead of the "puppet show" that if children did not have their parents' permission to be there, the children should run along home. I asked "Does that seem like a reasonable request to you?" and they agreed that it was.

    As they were leaving, I said "Oh by the way, one of the neighbours around here is a police officer. I'll be having him keep an eye on you too."

    heh heh heh

    Love, Scully

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    2 years ago my son got invited by a momo friend up the street to go to church with him. I simply asked Joshua if he wished to go, which he did, so I allowed it. Of course I explained my thoughts on the matter to him a couple of times, but the decision was his. He went about 6 times then fell by the wayside. He thought it was too boring to keep attending.

    Smart kid.

  • rocketman
    He thought it was too boring to keep attending.

    Just like jw meetings.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    How would you explain the concept of CULTS to kids??

    Tell them the truth.... "Cults" are someone elses religion that a person likes to malign by giving them an insidious name.

    Although, I agree, puppet shows nowdays are a little strange. When I grew up in the 50's and 60's no one would have a second thought about puppet shows, we used to see them all the time, but nowdays ANYTHING to do with children is suspect.

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