Beroean Pickets writer speaks out to explain what opened his eyes as a JW

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  • nonjwspouse

    I remember reading this site and wondering how much of TTATT the writer(s) knew.

    Now I just found these series of you tube videos by the writer

    Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses: "Religion is a Snare and a Racket"

  • ScenicViewer

    I've watched just 3 min of this video so far, and it is OUTSTANDING in showing the double standards of the Watchtower Organization. Now for the rest.

  • Listener

    I've been reading the articles on the website for several years now and really appreciate them.

    He is soon to face persecution from the JWs and has been summoned to a JC. They will not tell him who is going to be on the JC or even what they are charging him with.

  • careful
    "or even what they are charging him with"—are you kidding? If he's disagreed with the org over anything, then, duhhh, the charge is apostasy. Is that so hard to figure out? Furthermore, does it matter that he's uninformed by them? We know how they operate, right? Is this supposed to be shocking now or what?
  • waton
    He is soon to face persecution from the JWs and has been summoned to a JC " L

    That can only happen if he is part of a congregation, on their list, assigned to a "group"

    How can that square with his admonition in the video not to be in a group, follow human rule[r]s?

    Very persuasive video, but using the bible as an authority makes him subscribe to the basis of it, fantastic stories. There must be something better than that.

  • BereanThinker7

    Eric has outstanding videos

  • newsheep

    He's pretty good. Lives in Hamilton On

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