Screen time or Green time..

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  • zachias

    "Girls who spent less than an hour on screens and boys who spent less than 90 minutes on screens were not negatively impacted by it. But at higher amounts of screen time, their life satisfaction dropped significantly—they were less happy with their lives, and it got worse the more time they spent. If screen time went above 105 minutes per day for boys or 75 minutes per day for girls, their mental health also got worse."

    direct quote from Epoch times, I believe it deserved a bigger audience. Positive comments welcome.

  • Listener

    I hope not. There are many adults that work in front of screens all day.

    I wonder if this satisfaction rating given by boys and girls is not because of spending time in front of the screens but as a result of not finding satisfaction in other activities.

  • truth_b_known

    A deeper study shows the true danger of mobile digital devices such as smartphones and tablets. The impact is huge and the results are horrible. I have been without a smartphone for 2 1/2 years and my life has vastly improved.

  • Simon

    Wait till everyone is plugged into Zuckerbot's "Meta"

    I pity future generation.

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