Youths who leave

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  • Tornintwo

    Having 2 teenagers myself the plight of young people leaving the organisation is close to my heart, shunning of young ones and destruction of families is what triggered my awakening.

    ive just heard about a friend of my daughters who is df'd and being shunned by his family, apparently he is part of a campaign to take the shunning issue to the ECHR, I'm trying to find out more but does anyone else know about this?

    Another friend of hers is also being shunned, he's is being allowed to stay at home for now because he can't afford to leave but he isn't allowed to speak to his sister at all and is limited to short greetings with his parents, after which he has to stay in his room. Poor boy has tried to commit suicide. He had no family or friends outside the org. Thankfully my kids have welcomed him into their group so he has more friends now and is doing better and is saving up to be able to leave home.

    The whole thing is just a tragedy and I hate the witnesses for this destructive policy. Does anyone know if there is a special forum for exJW youths to give comfort and support?

  • atomant
    This policy of shunning is a despicable act and needs to be addressed as it has grown out of hand now with more and more baptized ones leaving the truth for whatever reasons.Far to many young ones are being pressured into baptism before they are ready to make any form of life time commitment, Being isolated from ones family and loved ones is emotional blackmail and has far reaching consequences and implications..My suggestion to the GB is that they sit down and have a long hard look at this sad situation and come up with a plan to resolve it rather than forcing the issue of baptism down everyones throat young and old.
  • sowhatnow

    the very idea of young people being treated this way by their parents and family members is appalling. a loving god would never approve of that behavior. there are scriptures that support being loving to people even your enemies. we have to save the children, before its too late. somehow these kids need to know there is someone there for them to talk to.

    WT. takes one line of a scripture and twists it, and use it to make people want to leave, It illogical to me.

    they knew how the pharisees in Jesus day expected too much of the people, and yet THEY do it!

    this shows the mental disconnect that the org has taught so many people.

    yes, there will be no natural affection alright. there cant be natural affection from people in cults.

    I have experienced as an adult, and as a youth, being avoided simply for not being regular at meetings.

    Im sure my mom would tell anyone who asked where i was, that i was being 'rebellious' and lazy.

    she likes to pull the lazy card on everyone. your 'lazy' if you dont go door to door or to meetings, lol

    wow. kids are labeled as 'not a spiritual person' if they aren't 100 percent at meetings in door to door or having their hands up all the time or giving talks. they are judged before they even know whats going on. peoples bible studies are also under suspicion, and avoided and not invited anyplace, because you know they are 'worldly' you cant win. your never good enough.

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