Anyone have stories about this?

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  • Biahi

    Just reading on Reddit...witnesses coming over to someone’s home after a death in the family to ‘pick over’ their possessions or asking about if they left any money to the cult? I remember, at my previous place of employment, a Mexican immigrant at my workplace, had converted to JW from Catholic, although I did try to talk him out of it. This has to be over 25 years ago. Anyway, he was an unmarried man, with no dependents. He had an elderly mother back in Mexico. He had a massive heart attack and died suddenly. Some from his congregation had the gall to show up at our workplace and start asking questions about if he had any life insurance, who the beneficiary was, if they had any knowledge about his 401K, and who was getting that, etc. Our boss kicked them out rather quickly(wise man), he came over to tell me what happened, because of my background. He told me that his mom got everything. I was glad to hear that. What a lot of nerve!

  • Rocketman123

    That's because the WTS makes a big thing about how their members can list the organization in people's wills and surprising or not will their entire estate over to the WTS/JWS, land and property too. $$$

    I would imagine some would intentionally do so to appease Jah and make themselves appear loyal to him and chosen earthly organization.

  • waton

    hanger-ones like to harvest too. The wt reminded will executors some time ago, that if the testament shows the org as the beneficiary, the value should be turned over to wt. inc.

    If such diversions did not happen, and persons profited personally, headquarters would not have published that reminder.

    was there not a case near Ottawa, where an elder was involved in a scheme like that?

  • Overrated

    When my father died the "Brothers " wanted to know if anything was going to be willed to the Org. Us kids made sure that our mom was going to benefit from Dad's passing. Not Watchtower.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    House goods out up for sale. Elders daughter got most of it for 5 cents on the dollar. Antiques.

    Another antique dealer type gave the executorship to a non witness. That SOB cleaned up too. Need to make a list and sell most before hand.

    I got it made, little of value except sentimental.

  • JeffT

    I can think of three cases where something like that happened, none involved JW's or the Watchtower in any capacity. JW's don't have a lock on bad behavior. The worst one was an employer who got in a fight with his sisters over an oceanfront vacation house. By the time I quit working for him they hadn't spoken to each other for at least a year.

    I'm very thankful my siblings and I were able to settle our parent's estate without a fight. Mostly that is because Mom and Dad worked with a top notch estate lawyer, everything was settled before either one of them was even sick. There's a lesson in that.

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