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  • Bobcat

    I was curious if anyone had/has any experience with the use of colloidal silver for antibiotic and/or wound healing? A health food store clerk recommended this in answer to my question about such.

    Thank you in advance.

    Just as a PS, I have heard about the man who turned his skin complexion blue. Apparently he ingested large amounts and applied it all over himself for an extended period. So I was more interested in any possible short term benefits (and natural alternatives if any).

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Silver is a relatively non-toxic heavy metal, however ingesting it gives you the results you describe, you turn blue.

    Silver doesn’t react with much, so it is not going to be helpful with anything, it’s not antibiotic (copper is). Putting it in your wounds will interfere with the healing process and leave you with scars.

    The best thing to do with wounds is clean with soap and then leave them open (unless you need stitches).

  • mickbobcat

    Just use actual antibiotics. They work well.

  • HappyDad

    Colloidal Silver is fantastic if used properly. It has been used for a long time to kill infections and other problems. My family has used it in the past and had good results. I don't remember the brand, but there is one brand that is supposedly the best on the market. You can check out the companies for information.

    I'm glad you brought this up. I will get some to keep on hand.

  • carla

    The blue guy made his wrong and drank it by boatloads that's why he turned color.

    I use and make my own colloidal silver and use it when necessary. Great for tooth infections, throat, etc... works for me. I don't take it all the time, use more as one would an antibiotic. Great for cuts too, you can find band aids with colloidal silver in them and burn units use silver from what I am told.

    If you want to make your own there are numerous videos on it and also Earth Clinic has a really good video. Many home remedies there. Naturally do your own research when treating yourself or loved ones. Look up many different sources and don't rely on just one source.

  • pistolpete

    I would just go to a doctor. The practice has worked for hundreds of millions of people.

  • just fine
    just fine

    I’ve been prescribed silver cream for burns (SSD) and I use Silver Wings Colloidal Silver (500ppm) topically.

    When my hormones started going wonky on me, I began getting cystic acne. I put one drop in my moisturizer morning and night, and no more acne. Supposedly it kills the acne bacteria. I tried everything before this and the Doctor wanted to prescribe long term antibiotic treatment, which I didn’t want.

    My husband cut his finger pretty bad but didn’t want to go get stitches. I used the colloidal silver and butterfly bandages and the cut healed in just a couple days.

    I’m not sure I believe it’s a cure all, but I’ve had good success with topical application.

  • hoser

    I heard colloidal silver is good for feminizing cannabis plants. So there is truth that it has medicinal value.

  • Vidqun

    The manufacturer of the Rife ("Spooky") system (using electromagnetic waves to treat people and neutralize pathogens) encourages the use of colloidal silver. It seems to enhance the effect of their machines, making them more effective. They actually have a method for one to make one's own colloidal silver mixture. You can look it up if you are interested.

  • Mum

    In the middle ages, there was the black plague. It was noteworthy that people who ate with silver utensils did not succumb to it. Apparently, silver does have antibacterial properties. Research bears this out.

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