Resurrection of Sodoma

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  • ClassAvenger

    I am going to be sharing with a JW and I want to bring up the doctrine of the resurrection of the people of Sodoma. I have heard that the Watchtower has contradicted itself by changing this doctrine several times, and in one of the books they say that the "New Light" can never contradict the past doctrine, but only build on it I think. Well, post whatever information you guys have on this topic. Thanks.

  • jwsons

    Try HERE


  • mizpah


    For additional information look under the site:


    Changing Doctrine

    "Will men from Sodom be resurrected?"

  • ellderwho


    I brought this up to my moms husband (elder Bob my study) I got him to give me his position first, (wont be brought back) then I showed him Insight to script. were they do come back. I could tell he was a little miffed. He also said "thats fine, but I still feel they wont be ressurected, but I wound not say that in public."

    I'll wait to show him the rest of the flip flops on this. As it was recomended to me its never good to unload all the amo at once so I will trickle out the flip flop to him.

    I dont want him to shut down.


  • ClassAvenger

    So, if you give them one big hit at a time, they'll shut themselves down? I should rethink on how I present information to them. Thanks for the comment.

  • shotgun

    Elderwho you seem to have it pretty well under control.....My problem has been exactly what you stated In that I end up showing my hand instead of one card at time.

    Good advice...On the subject of Sodom I asked one of the elders who came to visit me him if something as simple as this could not be expalined consistently by the GB then why should I trust them with the deeper things. I showed him the scripture where it says Jesus preached to the spirits who had rebelled during the time before the flood and that surely imperfect humans would deserve a second chance if angels were offered that. The elder told me well that scripture did not mean he preached to them to turn them back to gods side but it was a rebuking............yeah whatever..his eyes were closed.

    I have found that elders and other JW's when presented with these type of flip flops consistently say these are minor points insignificant really...I always say insignificant unless you die during Armageddon. And they don't appreciate when you say does the bible not say he who is faithful in the least of these things will be faithful in much.

  • ellderwho
    Shotgun:And they don't appreciate when you say does the bible not say he who is faithful in the least of these things will be faithful in much.

    No they dont appreciate being told anything. Or if it sounds like your teaching them, they shut down.

    Taking the role of a student is what I found works best. The approach is very calculated when having a "bookstudy" with the elders.

    Really then if you lay down the rules like " this isnt about my faith" that takes the pressure off of yourself were you dont have to get into what the specifics of your beliefs are. Because there are attack points they'll go after "trinity" etc... (which they are experts in)

    Ive mentioned before in a post somewhere, that Ive been studying the "What does God require" with my moms husband "Elder Bob" For I think its 6 or 8 months now, and were only in chapter 4.

    We went round and around in the one chapter I think its the 2nd one about " God transferred the life of Michael into Mary. Well, my big question to him was, what came down from heaven??

    I cant tell you how many times the ol' glasses came off the head an got slammed on the table in anger because he just could not give me a straight answer that made any sense. I held his feet to the fire for about a month it seemed.

    Then I would bring up "well I guess Im stumbling over the rock that the builders rejected." And I have to wait on Jah to draw me to the son.

    Using their own material is another plus, in fact I refer to my NWT so much I can find things faster in that than my other Bibles.


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