The Largest Black Holes In The Universe

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Lots of interesting videos these days on Universe and the big question about how we all got hear well maybe one day it will all be clear to a higher intelligence(of perhaps tweaked by modern technology and just like ours) than ours I'm sure as our processing power increases as we merge with the singularity as one. Sounds like a high tech computer game to me and the vid is nothing about that. Anyway enjoy this little bit of stuff from recent finding:

  • Bruisedandbleeding12
  • prologos

    After this week's "Kingdom of 1914" study at the hall, --The biggest black hole in the Universe has to be the void left by the Birth of the Kingdom, non-evidence now located 102 light years + 2 weeks away, as you look into the past.

    How could a government that is supposed to rule over trillions of Galaxies, into all eternity, have such confused followers on the the most important place, the most important date in all the cosmos? Not informing it's prime members, the near faithful slave of 1919, of what goes on? what to expect? guessing whether they will go to heaven in 1914, or 25, or at the end of at least 2 overlapping generations of 120 year possible life spans over/underlapping? The trump/ clinton debacle is nothing compared to the Brooklyn happenings in 1914. confusion at the pinnacle of the universe's supposed future rulers.

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