Childabuse/pedophilia consequences and different treatment

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    Research report 2014 - Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
    Childhood maltreatment leaves long-lasting modifications on genes
    Childhood maltreatment not only harms mind and body but leaves long-lasting modifications on genes. Patients suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder who have or have not experienced childhood maltreatment, displayed distinct epigenetic profiles in immune cells. Thus identical psychiatric diagnosis can be accompanied by distinct biological signatures and possibly differential response to treatment. This highlights the importance of the patient’s individual biography in defining disease subtypes.

    In the face of such studies should be asked how many children of JW are already born with genetic harm and psychiatric problems, because certainly such modifications are given further from one generation to the next.

    A german magazin calls it a widespread disease in Germany.

    And how in other poorer countries or cultures were it is even tolerated, where childabuse is not reported? In the face of the worldwide childabuse in all countries and all ages, how much genetic harm has been done, and how many psychiatric problem have been caused.

    According to Rörig, abuse takes place everywhere: in families, in institutions, in digital media, in refugee shelters or through organized crime. The forms ranged from sexualized language to rapes, even from babies and micro-children.

    Pedophilia inclination

    Pedophilia inclination can be scanned.

    Brothers who spare much time and look much on young sister or are accused of abuse could be sent by the elders to the doctor to get a scan on pedophilia. The GB members should exemplary make this scan.

    Much research is been done on how a pedophilia inclination originates and how the brain of pedophiles functions. Is it that pedophilia is only one sexual specificity .

    He described the results as a "milestone" in research. They showed that pedophilia can be recognized by brain reactions and is one of the possible manifestations of human sexuality. It would be a disease if people suffered from it or caused other harm. Then one must intervene.

    Should not then the pedophe men be seen differently if the new research, and what are the consequences for the JW congregations?

    Is pedophilia an illness or a sexual specification, a limitatble risk and not at all a crime per se , and only y crime if it is executed with or without violence?

    And what about the commandments for the elders in the flock book?

    Do JW treat pedophile inclination differently then violent criminale or is both the same sin.


    Pedophiles, these are not just adult men - even young people can feel sexually attracted to children. For her, there has been a special therapy offer at the Berlin Charité since 2014. The financing of the pilot project is now secured.

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    Prof. Dr Klaus Beier from the Berlin Charitè said that about 1 % of men (after the development of the sexual orientation) find children exciting or have pedophile fantasies and 1/3 of these men implement it. From those who feel an inclination, only 1/3 is active in child abuse. The other 2/3 of men are addressed by Prof. Beier to look for help

    This would be a prevalence like the morbus parkinson. During the youth this sexual inclination can be changed therapied because after the sexual determination the pedophile inclination cant be changed anymore.

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