This is what - just about every Border in the United States looks like today.

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  • pistolpete

    Biden ordered the FFA to stop all Cameras from taking pictures or recording this mess.

    The DOJ is fighting to allow MILLIONs of immigrants into the Country with Covid

    All Immigrants don't have to take the Vaccine or be tested.

    Terrorists from Countries that hate America are entering the Country.

    Guns are disappearing from the local stores, everyone is buying them out

    There is no doubt that this Administration wants to destroy America

    Something is going to happen.

  • waton

    for Canadians not to forget, now an election issue, that a constant trickle is coming north too at one point, Rotherham *** Roxham road, where illegals flooding north into the country.

    **** Rotherham sex scandal of minor abuse, immigrants almost all.

  • pistolpete

    We think that the problem of Pedophiles and sex scandals in the WT organization is bad----BUT - it actually pales in comparison to how the f-b-i ----a federal police investigation agency ----handles pedophiles WHEN CAUGHT IN THE ACT.

    The world is becoming a prison for people who want to to live as law abiding citizens and raise their children safely.

    But it's becoming clear that the message to PEDOPHILES is that they WILL NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR THE CRIMES THAT THEY COMMIT.

  • DesirousOfChange
  • MeanMrMustard

    Fortified, fortified. Everything is fortified.

  • Vidqun
  • waton

    not the northern, the border with Canada, there the illegals after having arrived in the safe US from Nigeria, Haiti, etc, leave America, continue north to the more generous canadian welfare system. years of living off the taxpayer, legal help to the supreme court, great.

  • hoser

    I’m not sure about you waton, but I descend from immigrants who may or may not have entered Canada legally. I don’t know of anyone in my family ancestry who hasn’t in some way or another contributed to the well being of the country.

  • waton
    I’m not sure about you waton,

    Hoser, neither am I, My family has a recent immigrant history, waiting years in line to come legally, doing work in designated industries. In the US, it would take me decades to get an immigration visa with the legal quota of my birth nationality. .

    We have a long history of total integration, not the multi-culti- tribal ghettoization, what we see today.

    What many are objecting to, is the illegal immigration industry, with the abuse of laws that were designed to deal with honest people, and crying out loud cases, such as the attempt of the Jewish people to escape Europe's slaughters.

    illegals will create a lawless society, liars will do the same. so, I am not sure about me , of what will happen. Hoser.

  • redvip2000
    I don’t know of anyone in my family ancestry who hasn’t in some way or another contributed to the well being of the country

    So what? I guess next time a homeless person opens a door for you, you become immediately obligated to welcome 100 homeless people into your home.

    But you won't, because pretending to be virtuous and accepting makes you feel warm and fuzzy as long as it's someone else's problem. You see, people that are in favor of illegal uncontrolled immigration should be somehow forced to actually put some skin in the game. Open you house to a few illegals, contribute directly from your salary to a fund to house and feed them and actually see that amount evaporate every month.

    It's amazing when people try to boast their goodness as long as it doesn't really concern them.

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