Oasis Bible Tours?

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  • ctrwtf

    I've just discovered (on instagram) this group that leads the gullible on "faith strengthening" tours of the Met.

    I wondered what would happen if any member of the tour group brought up that the museum has on display artifacts that clearly throw off the timeline of the story of Eden and two magically appearing humans.


    I found that once I abandoned the wits, my visits to the Met became more inspiring because I began to really look at the human endeavor and spirit of the artists and what they created over tens of thousands of years. While not particularly religious at this point in my life, I can still be awstruck by the vast collection of paintings, sculptures and jewelry that were inspired by religious belief.

    I think it's incredibly sleazy that these tour operators take advantage of an institution like the Met when the religion they support calls for the destruction of these works of art as well as the entire human existence that created it. Shame on them.

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    Oasis Bible Tours?

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  • dozy

    Britain has a similar operation - http://www.meander.co.uk/ Although supposedly "non-profit" it has grown into quite a business & every year our KH got a letter trying to get us to sign up. Our congregation went on tours a couple of times but I was never really bothered.

    I guess the reaction any questioner would get would be similar to that of the Times journalist who joined a couple of tours.


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