For Sale: 74 Adams St

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  • wifibandit
  • TerryWalstrom

    Devastated and naked the old whore is!

  • konceptual99

    Look, look, look.... Come and buy our property that is perfect for turning into a mix of luxury, high rent income potential apartments and prime commercial space. It's in one of the most sought after areas of New York and offers the possibility to present a high end lifestyle and sales potential to your clients. The price is not cheap but we know that this property will make you millions of dollars after the investment you make into the buildings. Don't miss this fantastic commercial opportunity - buy it from us now!

    The irony is that they can only sell a property like this to a large property investment company typically representing some of the most wealthy corporate and individual investors in the world. None of those people will be Witnesses. In fact they will normally be presented as the stereotypical fat businessman with their excess and greed. The apartments that are built will likely have no Witness occupants. They will be way out of the price range of most of them with their low to middle incomes - no city traders in their ranks, after all they have been told about keeping their eye simple and being a window cleaner so they have more time to stand by a trolley. How many Witness businesses will be likely to lease commercial space? None I bet - after all few Witnesses have built up sucessfull businesses that would be looking to expand into prime space like this.

    They have the gall to impute bad motives to Witnesses who want to renovate or move house, suggesting a material eye yet here they are courting the NY real estate market with their shiny baubles. It's not their selling in itself that is so bad, it's the hypocrisy in how they have such double standards so openly.

    Makes you sick.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    We don't mean it to seem any other way than this: Come and buy this property before the rank and file get any wiff that we are over our heads! We need the money, world! Buy this damn property why don't you. We have lot's of bills to pay. We are greedy, we are flying first class and we really don't want to change a damn thing!

  • ToesUp

    Fire sale....everything MUST go! GB: "Once it is all sold you will see us receive our heavenly calling (in the twinkling of an eye)." the Caymen Islands!

  • angel.face

    I'm sure it has already been discussed before, but what is this going for?

  • pepperheart

    Oh good they will have the money to print some more teaching books that i can take from the carts and trash hee hee

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