Electronic Frontier Foundation's suggestions for BOE letters

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  • Jourles

    Well everyone, here is the scoop with the BOE letters ---

    I spoke with Henry S., paralegal with the Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF), about the hosting of the BOE letters. He feels that if it went to court, I could win this under fair use. The only problem in taking this to court is that I would have to shed my anonymity. And as we all know, that is something I cannot do just yet. If someone else wanted to host these letters and felt comfortable in possibly going to court with the WTS, then by all means take them on. He also thought that finding a pro bono attorney shouldn't be much of a problem, but also reminded me that the WTS has a LOT of money to stretch this out. The main issue of finding an attorney to do pro bono work was finding one in YOUR home state. He wasn't too sure about Michigan. He also wasn't sure in what court this would take place in. It could be state or federal. He did mention that it may be possible to fight this anonymously, but not to count on it. Doling out "a couple thousand dollars" may also be expected to help in fighting the WTS. Travel costs to and from a federal court may also be necessary. Costs that I cannot "hide" from my spouse.

    Aside from the above expectations, he sounded fairly positive in winning this issue against the WTS. A reminder to anyone who thinks that "off-shore" hosting these letters can bypass US copyright laws, don't count on it. The Berne Convention allows a US copyright holder to go after anyone in a country which is a signatory to the Convention. That leaves maybe Iran , Iraq, and Libya. There could be a few more, but hosting in these countries would be difficult to accomplish.

    I thought in the meantime, until I can sort this out a little more, if I could find an attorney to write the WTS legal department and ask them on what basis do they have in copyrighting these letters, we could squeeze some info out of them. Afterall, copyright protection does not extend to procedures, methods, etc., which is exactly what the BOE letters are. I figure the same argument could have worked with the Flock book too.

    As usual, your comments and suggestions are very welcomed.

  • Euphemism

    I'm still in the borg, otherwise I'd seriously consider hosting the letters.

    But I would definitely donate to a defense fund.

  • Hamas

    Have you ever read Thus Saith Jehovahs Witnesses, published by Randy @ freemind inc ?

    Loads of letters in this, my friend. Surely, if publishing letters was so wrong, why haven't they got on his case ? Maybe he can help you ?

    It will be interesting to find out why you can place them in a book but not on the net.

  • izobcenec

    I think you should contact Bill Bowen or Kent Steinhaug...maybe they can host them and Bill already has an attorney...not sure about Kent though...but he is sure active again with WT Observer and thats great.

  • Euphemism

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