The JW Study Bible and The Audio RNWT

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  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I am guessing but based on what I have noted over 2 years of low to inactivity.

    Everytime a new book is started on the CLAM a new video pops up giving info on the book (My area BTW so I can say all of them are wrong)

    A new audio version is put out of that book at the same time. (This is ok. The newer audio version can't hold a candle to the other 4 readers for the 1984 version, but at least it's semi-dramatized)

    My prediction based on them starting the New Testament this year is that with the 4 gospels on the new study bible being used (Every verse explained in a JW way) As ACt-Revelation come out not only will remain audio readers and intro videos come out BUT the study bible will be completed... counting the OT in the next 4 years.

    The reason I note this is that in 2013 when they released the RNWT my first thought was..."Idiots! Why not a study bible so you can CONTROL them."

    It looks like by the end of 2022 JW might just be DONE with 'new light'. My theory is as the so-called new light comes in to the members it will be released instantly on the study bible as they go through the CLAM meeting. By 2022 JW religion will be as fixed as Catholicism.

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    Cold Steel


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    I don't follow the post totally, but I think you're onto something.

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