The Day I Discovered My Dog Was Trans

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi, my name is Curtis Williams and I’m twelve years old. Me and my family live in Tennessee. My Daddy wanted to buy a dog to protect our family. Daddy works on a farm and he says the best thing is for him to buy a dog to protect us … so that’s what he did …

    I remember my grand-daddy would laugh and say “we gonna get us a big black dog to protect us black folk!” Momma and Poppa used to laugh but I didn’t understand why.

    Well unfortunately Gramps never lived to see it.

    But daddy did buy a big back dog – and we called him Bobby. He was a Dobermann pinscher, and if any dog gonna defend our house, it’s gonna be an 88-pound Dobermann pinscher! ... Boy – he had lots of energy, no doubt about that!

    We listened to what the vet - Dr Julian - would to tell us. He told us to feed our dog twice a day, and to feed him raw bones, fresh meat and a little bit of vegetables. So, that’s what daddy did – he fed Bobby twice a day. Bobby grew up to be one mean sonofabitch!

    Man, was daddy happy!

    One day, Bobby and my friend’s dog – Joe – were running around in a cornfield near our house. Bobby caught up with Joe and tried to – what did daddy say – mount him.

    That’s right – he tried to mount him. Boy, was daddy ever pissed!

    Daddy took him straight to Dr Julian. Now, Dr Julian was white but he was ok. And he told my daddy not to worry – I remember it clear as day. He told my daddy that Bobby wasn’t a boy at all. My daddy lifted up Bobby’s tail and shouted at him: “”what d’ya call this, man!”

    Dr Julian said “it’s just a tail, Jack!”

    And everything worked out ok – Bobby ain’t Bobby no more, she called Roberta.

    She got a pink food bowl instead of a blue one. Ah'm sure she gonna defend our home right ...

  • DwainBowman


    A male dog, smelling a female in heat, even miles away, will hump anything!!!!

  • fulltimestudent

    Curtis William's daddy was shocked to see same sex sexual activity in dogs. Considering the widespread misinformation spread by ignorant christians, that's not surprising.

    Fact is, same sex mating is widespread in the animal world created by YHWH and his Jesus side-kick.

    Bruce Bagemihl, in his meta-study* of this topic, as discussed in zoological research, listed some 450 different animal species, including dogs and wolves, as having been observed having homosexual fun and games.

    * Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. Published in 1999 by Profile books in the UK, and by St. Martin's Press in the USA.

  • cofty
    listed some 450 different animal species, including dogs and wolves, as having been observed having homosexual fun and games

    Actually homosexual behaviour has been observed in around 1,500 species from insects to mammals, although it is usually more accurate to talk about bisexuality among non-human animals. Very few species are known to exhibit exclusively homosexual behaviour, even when females are available. A few exceptions have been found including some domestic sheep.

    Interestingly they show the same anatomical differences in an area of the brain called the hypothalmus that has been observed in homosexual men.

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