Truth is not unattainable

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  • venus

    Seeing corrupt rulers creating war to divert attention of the public, almighty arms industry loving conflicts, religious leaders finding religions as a means for easy income ….etc one may conclude that truth is not attainable. Yet there is a place where truth remains hidden for the seeker to experience his thrill—in the vocabulary of different languages.

    When I was studying in Mount Holyoke, I had the opportunity to mingle with many foreign students and thus to my surprise came to know certain words are like a treasure of truth in at least one language among the vast reservoir of languages which means you have to continue your search for the truth of one word till you get it through different languages. For example, take the word ‘king’ and start seeing the meaning of it in all the languages and you will find it means a person ruling with dynastic root, then suddenly you find in one language, the word ‘king’ is the summarized form of this sentence: “one who brings delight to all of his subjects and keeps them (of various interests) reconciled to each other.” To mention a few other words which my search took me to the truth:

    Family = Place where delight results when members get together

    House = Building from which you depart forever

    Son = One who ensures no dishonor happens to his father

    Soul = That which is made of knowledge and acts egoless

    Intelligence = Reading between lines/happenings and arriving at intuitive discernment

    Diabetes = Sweet urine

    Ego = Opposite of construction (egoless = construction)

    Personality = That which is visible on the outside, like a mask on the face

    World = Place where mostly illogicality is abundant and logicality is too rare

    Hell = Me-first attitude

    Heaven = Living in awareness of common origin of all humans.

    Worship = Engaging in something fully focused as happens during dating and courting

  • smiddy3

    Isn`t "truth" in the mind of the beholder ?

    What is truth for one person is utter bollocks to another person.

    Whether the subject is Religion , politics ,The Environment ,Global Warming ,etc,etc.

    Each of the words you have defined have negatives in the real world of human experience .

    Or maybe you are just cherry picking words/definitions among different languages to suit your pre-conceived idea.?

    Then again I could have completely misunderstood your OP

    Just saying.

  • venus

    smiddy3 wrote: “What is truth for one person is utter bollocks to another person.”

    That is implied in the OP when I wrote “almighty arms industry loving conflicts” which means we love peace and arms industry hates peace. There are many opinions about truth such as: ‘There is no truth, truth is relative, truth is absolute, truth is God …. etc.’

    Many would say they believe only what can be ascertained by their senses which means experience is the key. But we can be tricked even by our own experience. (1) Lukewarm water would be felt as cold water if you touch it after dipping your finger in hot water; and the same lukewarm water would be felt as warm water if you touch it after dipping your finger in cold water. (2) Senses can sometimes see only half-truth. When you see cards arranged as a pyramid you do not see more important aspect of it—forces acting in various directions, nullifying each other thus making the pyramid shape possible.

    If mind can be tricked by what physical eyes see, how much more it would be tricked when it ventures into the realm of the invisible such as What is before and after this life … What was before Big Bang or God, What is His purpose for us …etc. This explains why we have we have conflicted religions and scriptures which prompt people to say there is no truth, or truth is relative. Yet for an analytical mind truth is not a complicated subject because they find out that there are truths that are relative and there are truths that are absolute. For example, Mike Gallagher declared: “Right and wrong are not relative terms. There are fundamental truths. Evil flourishes, but good men continue to battle it – and win.”

  • waton
    +.... mind can be tricked by what physical eyes see,---"

    Venus, that is why we need better and better spectacles, aka scientific research tools , to see the spectacular creation we live in, and perceive the hints that a possible creator left imbedded in his work. and

    as your op showed, The languages in which we think have interesting insights; -- my pertinent favoured, toward the end of my 9st decade:

    "Dying", in german showing the root and cause, starving. "sterben"

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