I want to go on a working holiday visa to australia, im 19 years old and cannot hold my focus in uni because i was depressed but now mended

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  • AmIright
    So I finished my final year and was forced to attend university even though I was in a crippling depression in my final year, dropped out but attained a high enough mark to get my first choice in uni. Long story short, I wanted to go travelling before uni to broaden my perspective and for a chance to be free and travel Australia. However I'm only 19 with experience in mostly farming and small company manufacturing I don't think I would be equip to get a job to sustain my travel. although I am a hard worker who worked for the same company since I was 14. When I arrived I am volunteering but I know I need to get a job. Should I continue with uni and let my grades suffer (couldn't sit 2 Christmas exams, will probably fail 2 exams soon as well) or what advice have you to give?
  • zeb
    Go to google and look up backpackers in Australia. That could be a good start for you. Backpackers run cheap stay at places and you will meet lots of other travellers from all over and they share work links. They do a lot of fruit picking and seasonal jobs like that on farms.
  • joe134cd
    Although I don't live in Australia. I live I'm a country closely connected with it. There is heaps of work out there for youngsters on working holidays. It will probably be horticulture agriculture type work with low pay. But it will put food on the table and sustain you. You'll have a blast. Hey if worst comes to worst you just go home.
  • joe134cd
    PM me and I can give you some ideas
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    So I finished my final year and was forced to attend university

    Evidently your parents are not hard core JW's. Many young JW's would love the chance to get a proper education. Think carefully before walking away from that opportunity.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Fruit picking I did it as a teen. Hard hot farm work. Good pay around Feb. For grapes.
  • AmIright
    No my parents arnt religious anymore and have come to hate the cult but I wasn't ready to attend university. I want to go and I will go after this year. I just need freedom for once in my life.
  • sherrie11
  • AmIright
    ill have everything sorted except work, I was wondering what type of work I could do and where? my plan was to arrive in September but I don't think that's a good month for working?
  • talesin

    September is when students flood the cities and take all the part time jobs, so you may do better another time of year. OTOH, there are always wait-staff, line chef and dishwashing jobs to be had in restaurants. It's not like you are looking for career experience. There are also temporary employment agencies, where you can get day-labour.

    Do you live in a Commonwealth nation? If you do, you can get a special youth working visa for Australia, England, Canada, and other Commonwealth nations for 1 or 2 years, depending on the country, as long as you are 29 or under. DO IT!

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