До свидания! Russia

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  • sp74bb

    Our sources in the Russian front do confirm it. Service desk of Russian branch is being transferred urgently to Finland.

    До свидания Russia :)

  • redpilltwice

    King of the North!!!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Our sources in the Russian front do confirm it - хорошо!

  • Heaven

    So I guess Armageddon is truly coming for Russian JWs. Meanwhile, all is clear here on the North American front.

    Perhaps Armageddon is going to be a regional thing.

  • hoser
    I see this as being a good year for the Jws (other than in Russia) The regional convention bunker videos combined with persecution in Russia will scare the sheeples into compliance.
  • DJS

    The Dark Lords have had since 2002, 14 years, to comply. They have clearly known how the Russian courts would interpret the laws for a decade.

    Russian authorities have been patient. The Dark Lords arrogance and narcissism are the cause of this.

    Let it come.

  • sp74bb
    Russian governments do not play. The content of the letter mentioned in this forum is very clear.
  • Not This
    Not This

    I find it fascinating that they are now going to use JUST the bible....maybe the making of many books and their unnecessary (waste of trees) literature that is IN the BIBLE scripture is coming to fruition on this FALSE prophet causing them trouble.

    I remember when I was studying jw indoctrination, I was told that the UN was going to attack and destroy Christendom (aka the false religions)first ...then when the attack goes to Jehovah's Witnesses...Jehovah was going to stop it.

    Well Watchtower.......looks like you lied again you false prophet you!!! Looks like you may be the first to go??

  • sp74bb

    So true "Not This". Another clear example of failure :)

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