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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I remember an article many years ago...I think early 60's or even in the 50's. It may have been Questions from the Readers. I ask because our granddaughter has been selected to be on the homecoming court.

    It really doesn't matter to us because her parents are no longer witnesses either, but wonder if the other grandparents who are still in will make a fuss. Clyde and I and her parents are very proud of her.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Is this what you are thinking of? I hope you let her be the homecoming queen if that is her heart's desire.... she is only young once, and only gets to 'try for it' so many times ;-)

    *** w64 6/15 pp. 380-381 Youths, Keep Your Integrity While at School ***


    In many schools the student body elects other students to certain offices or positions, such as president or spokesman for the class, cheerleader, homecoming queen, and so on. One might be nominated and voted into a position without his even accepting the nomination. Some high schools even allow for small-scale political campaigning, and students may wear campaign buttons and put up “vote for” posters.

    Now, how do Christians view these elective offices and positions? Would they accept a position if voted in by their classmates? Would they participate in the voting, either by a show of hands or by balloting?

    Well, what is the purpose of this voting in school? In most cases it is to familiarize young persons with the machinery of worldly politics. So what Bible principle applies? Why, separateness from the world and its politics. Since Jehovah’s witnesses as adults do not mix in politics, it is only reasonable that children of Jehovah’s witnesses do not mix in politics on a school level, either by accepting an elective office or participating in conferring such an office upon others. What, then, would a Christian youth do if he were nominated to an office? He could tactfully decline the nomination or, if elected without his assent, he could tactfully decline the office; so following the example of Jesus, who withdrew when the people wanted to make him king.

    Though one of Jehovah’s witnesses would decline a position given him through small-scale political machinery, he considers an appointment by the teacher as something different. If a Christian youth were appointed by the teacher to help in traffic direction or some other unobjectionable duty during school hours, he would cooperate. If no violation of Bible principles would result from carrying out an appointment, then he would be helpful to the school and other students to every reasonable extent.

    Of course, some positions at school involve violation of Bible principles, even if that position comes by appointment and not through political machinery. For instance, what if one were appointed cheerleader? Encouraging others in itself is not wrong, as when one is playing on a team and he shouts words of encouragement. But it is something else to lead a crowd into frenzied cheering for and exaltation of an institution of this world, to lead people in standing for the school song or to lead others into the snare of hero worship. That would violate Bible principles. A Christian who is separate from this world and who gives exclusive devotion to Jehovah God would decline a cheerleader appointment.

    Some schools may vote a girl as “Homecoming Queen” or as beauty queen. Even if a Christian girl were appointed and not elected to such queenship, how could she accept it? Bible principles show that it is not proper for the creature to be given undue importance. (Rom. 1:25) Moreover, to set up womanhood upon a pedestal would violate Bible principles. (1 Tim. 2:12, 13) Christians do not engage in the glorification of humans, and they would not want anyone to give them such idolatrous treatment. Also, those who serve as “kings” or “queens” are expected to take the lead in political, patriotic and worldly religious activities, which true Christians cannot do.

    Of course, it is well for you young Christians to keep in mind that not all voting is political. Sometimes students are called on by the teacher to express opinions. There would be no violation of Bible principle in expression of one’s preference of certain activities or the appraisal of a talk or composition. It is not electing one politically to an office when one expresses an opinion by a show of hands as to the quality of something.

    *** sj pp. 23-24 Extracurricular Activities *** (the School & JW booklet?)

    Cheerleader and Homecoming Queen: At athletic events it is the responsibility of cheerleaders to orchestrate the crowd in frenzied cheering for a school. They also encourage the people into hero worship and lead them in standing for the school song. Jehovah’s Witnesses consider it inappropriate to do this. Similarly, we feel that for a Witness youth to serve as a homecoming or beauty queen would be in violation of Bible principles that show the impropriety of glorifying humans.—Romans 1:25; Acts 12:21-23.

  • 3rdgen

    Oh boy, does this article bring back bad memories!The year was 1966 I was sitting amid an assembly of my HS freshman class of at least 500 students when I hear "I nominate 3rdgen for homecoming princess." In a rush of emotion I hear my quivering voice call out, "I decline" A hush comes over the group.

    I wanted nothing more than to sit on that float waving with the 2 other class princesses and the homecoming queen at the parade then attending the dance that followed. But Ooooo nooooo, I had yet another public humiliation in front of my peers. Big surprise, I soon developed Anexoria.

  • floridaborn

    I think some brothers need to read this article before the super bowl. They don't need cheerleaders to participate in frenzied cheering.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Cha Ching - thank you for the article. Actually our granddaughter was elected to the homecoming court (it was almost unanimous). Maybe she'll make queen when she is a senior.

    3rd Gen - I can't imagine how embarrassing that must have been for you. I often think of what I missed when I was in high school - wanted to sing in the choir or play in the orchestra but was worried about Christmas or patriotic songs. Never made it to a football game because they were on Friday nights, and our meetings were on Fridays back in those days. Didn't go to the senior prom either.

  • Ding

    Christians do not engage in the glorification of humans, and they would not want anyone to give them such idolatrous treatment.

    How can the GB publish stuff like this with a straight face?

    These are men who expect JWs to believe that God has selected them to micromanage every aspect of their lives.

  • 3rdgen

    Bonnie_Clyde, Thanks. here it is, over 50 years later and I still remember feeling the estrangement between my life and "normal". I too wanted to be in the school Choir, drama plays, student body, go to dances, date, and be on the student body. Instead, I sat in the KH listening to the drone of 1975 and the imminent destruction of mankind and the whole world as we knew it. (Great for our mental health.)

    I am so glad you and your children and grandchildren are out of the crazy cult! Give your granddaughter a big hug from me!

  • sir82

    Bible principles show that it is not proper for the creature to be given undue importance.

    LOL - how touching and endearing.

    "Hi, please meet my creature, I mean my daughter, Bananabelle...."

    Good ol' Freddy Franz. There was no human emotion or sentiment that he couldn't freeze-dry and present in the starkest of terms.

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