UK C.O. Ted Wright has died

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  • pomo6780

    Hi, new member here. I used to be only on Reddit some time ago.

    I've received sad news that several months ago, a circuit overseer named Ted Wright died.

    He was CO for over 20 years, from the 80s to 2000s. Loved by many. He was unlike the average company man style CO.

    Ex atheist and ex policeman, he was extremely kind and respectful towards everyone in the org. He had a good sense of humour, even 'irate' householders liked him.

    Such a fellow made the org a religion that one feels secure in rather than a cult that other COs have created.

    Will be missed by many. What are your memories of him?

  • DesirousOfChange

    I don't think that style of CO even exists anymore. They all seem to be "company men" who put the Corporation first.

  • punkofnice

    I recall the name. I seem to recall a decent chap associated to the name.

    He isn't on my list of COs that are twerps.

    thanks for letting us know.

  • jookbeard

    didn't know him, be interesting to hear of any more that did

  • MrHappy

    Ted was a kind man. He gave a pioneer talk about the divinity of Jesus as a being given 'life within himself' i.e a Creator with the capability to give life out of himself. This blew my mind open at the time as this was a teaching I have never heard so described from the platform or watchtower. Although Ted was a real company man in many other ways when dealing with elder issues and congregation matters, which often frustrated me, this talk gave me a new insight into the Bible which was one of the steps that led me to examine the Bible more closely. I am sad to hear that he has passed.

  • pomo6780


    Thank you for your contribution to this post. Despite your issue with handling elders and congregation matters, Ted was a man who couldn't really be faulted. His voice had power and conviction, yet it was embodied by a fatherly kindness. He really taught the Bible rather than Watchtower policies when giving talks to congregations, at assemblies and conventions. His logical illustrations were the best a jw could ever hear, in comparison with the pathetic ones we hear in recent years.

    I'm sad to hear this too. You can't replace people like that.

  • jookbeard

    another ex CO was Ron Bicknell, a very decent man indeed, he came off the circuit work many years ago, he was the chairman of my appeal committee, I'd never met him before but the reason he was appointed to chair it was because he knew the so called apostate I'd been associating with, I won the appeal.

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