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  • inbetween09

    Yesterday was the premiere, at least in our hall. The special talk was given first time before the memorial and on stream, not live.

    Must haven been outstanding, right ?


    It was a rather underwhelming experience, nothing special. However, there was one statement, that showed the true colours of JW, and it was done intentionally, as it was even repeated for emphasis:

    I only can paraphrase, but it was like: "Only a babtized JW can attain eternal life".

    Normally the org tiptoes around this question, its misleading on their website also.

    But now we all heard it clear, either you are a JW or you die in harmageddon. This was not said directly, but its the logical consequence of the statement above.

    Some brothers, who are fully in (at least to my knowledge), but have relatives, who are not JW, were upset about it.


  • waton

    At the end there was kind of a disclaimer. because the conclusion was: to reach out for the "real life", not eternal life. All the service, studies, changes baptism asked by wtBtS Inc. can deliver only love bombing, but wisely the speaker laid off on the 'eternal' promise & delivery. if I heard right.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    This years' 'Special Talk' went on without the usual fanfare and pomp...I guess! I mean...I didn't realize it until the mention of it in this thread that it was given this weekend. That tells me that being PIMO is slowly but surely working to my benefit.

    ...now if I can only get passed the memorial talk...Yay!

  • sir82

    Don't know about other languages, but the English speaking guy was utterly dull. I'm talking [would give Gerrit Losch a run for his money] dull.

    And he kept saying "Um". Like 30-40 times in the 20 minutes he had to speak (there was a long video clip in the midst of the talk video clip about how becoming a JW was so important to 2 people).

    Overall, yes, thoroughly underwhelming.

    It was striking that he clearly & explicitly stated more than once "In order to achieve the real life, you must be a baptized Christian servant of Jehovah". But there was really very little incentive given.

    This was the same outline title as a special talk given in the early 90s. I still remember to this day that one. The outline concentrated more on the future hope of a paradise. It was touching, moving, and motivational (for true believers, anyway).

    This one was just dull & preachy, and instantly forgettable.

  • jonahstourguide

    Poorly delivered recruitment presentation.

    Poor marketing.

    Speaker was thoroughly boring. Some Uber jws I know even stated they were embarrassed.

    jtg reporting from Oz.

  • smiddy3

    And this was a "Special" talk given to the already baptised ones ? with maybe some pre-teens who havent been baptised yet ?

    Pressure ,pressure ,pressure ,to get children baptised to boost the numbers.

  • Listener
    Inbetween09 - "Only a babtized JW can attain eternal life".

    I wonder how the thief on the cross next to Jesus was able to get baptized before Jesus said he would be saved.
  • inbetween09

    good point, listener

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