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    The Royal Commission released a consultation paper on criminal justice issues on 5 September 2016. The consultation paper seeks input on various issues raised which will be used to inform our final report on criminal justice issues.

    • Submissions are due on 17 October 2016 and can be submitted electronically to [email protected].
    • You are welcome to make submissions responding to only one or a few issues, or to make submissions responding to all issues.
    • Submissions to this consultation paper will be made public unless the person making the submission requests that it not be made public or the Royal Commission considers it should not be made public.

    Survivors and survivor advocacy and support groups

  • zeb

    I strongly advise the reading of these papers as you may be able to fwd them onto your local police or social welfare depts.

    best wishes.

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    Thanks for the information and link, Zeb.

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    Maybe Watchtowistan should be renamed "Waterlocked"...

    ...'cause it sure seems like the tide's coming in and the sharks are circling.

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