Has anybody else received a PM from "Sister?"

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  • stillin

    I guess this is not really a "technical support" topic but it was odd.

    I got a PM from a new poster named Sister just two days ago. I looked and she had never posted anything at all before, no new topics, no postings, zilch. She asked me if I am an elder and I said that, no, I am not. This took two or three exchanges between us. There was nothing new from her today so I thought I would look at her profile again. The thread of e-mails is actually gone from my message box. How does that happen? I can't even clear out my own box, yet these notes are gone.

    odd seems like a good word. I wonder if WTS is fishing...

  • Simon

    Every now and then we get someone who registers and starts spamming wither publicly or, less often, via PMs - literally, trying to PM everyone they can. I think for PMs it's the first step to find people who will respond, maybe seeing them as "gullible" in some way (?)

    I block and remove them but obviously a few people get the message and some have read it by the time I have.

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