Email from "jwbroadcast2"

by Alleymom 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • Alleymom

    Hi --

    I have not opened two emails I recently received. They are from someone I don't know who has an email address starting [email protected] ...

    I didn't open them because my mail service put up the "picture in email" warning.

    If you are jwbroadcast2 and you see this, please PM me. Or if you know this person, could you please let him/her know that I deleted the first message and haven't opened the second one.



  • VM44

    Hi Alleymom,

    Sorry, I do not know who jwbroadcast2 is.


  • setfreefinally

    alleymom, If your email is a hotmail email address you can go to the hotmail website to look at your email instead of using outlook express. The hotmail email website has a virus checker that will tell you if it has a virus. Or if you want you can forward the email me at [email protected] and I will check it for a virus. Of course it may be a personal email you may not want to share.


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