Curious, was there a recent article about the flu vacciene

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  • nonjwspouse

    Probably and awake but maybe a WT. Has anyone read something negative about the flu vaccine in a JW publication recently? My JW MIL is all the sudden against them because she read and "article," but then fails to give a source when I asked her. Actually she went silent. .

  • Listener

    There's this April 2011 Awake that encourages it

    Avoid infectious disease. Avoid close physical contact or the sharing of eating utensils with any who have a cold or the flu. Their saliva and nasal secretions can pass the illness on to you. Such blood-borne diseases as hepatitis B and C and HIV/AIDS are transmitted primarily through sexual contact, intravenous drug use, and transfusion. Vaccination can help to prevent some infections, but a wise person must still take necessary precautions when with someone who has an infectious disease. Avoid insect bites. Do not sit or
  • nonjwspouse

    Interesting Listener. I thought the JW literature had some sort of warning against it... I guess I was wrong.

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