Random Acts of Unkindness

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  • Swan

    Tuesday evening I learned that my Aunt Clara died. It was confirmed to me by a poster here who has contacts in the Borg. Apparently she died several years ago, but I wasn't ever told she had died by my heartless Borg family.

    I thought back to the old Watchtower of the brother stopping to help a DF woman fix a flat tire. That policy went out the window with the DF of Ray Franz (or was it that Ray was DF because of the change in policy, I forget?). Anyway, now they don't have to do diddly-squat if they meet a DF person lying beaten and robbed in the street. I thought that family business covered death announcements and the like, but apparently not always.

    Don't you get tired of this shit? They are supposed to be the epitome of Christ's love on Earth, but where is it? We are treated like future carrion, a meal fit for their dogs after the big-A. Child molesters are treated better than we are!

    I told a friend at work about this and she was absolutely appalled that my family wouldn't tell me this. I think most worldly people would be appalled at the callous way that JWs treat their DF relatives.

    I got to talking to others in chat about this. I am not the only one who hasn't been informed of family deaths. I am sure many here have experienced other unkind actions at their hands.

    What unkind thing have JWs done to you? Have they left you broken down in the road? Have they not informed you of deaths in the family or informed you so late that you couldn't attend the funeral? What is your story about their random acts of unkindness?


  • wednesday

    someyhing similar happened to me, but it was not family. ti was a friend, of over 30 yrs, who was still in the org. She died and I only found out by accident , sevreal yrs after the fact. I was so hurt. The entire cong./my family knew we had been friends, and any one of them could have let me know. But they did not. I'm not even DF or DA. They are a hateful people.

  • ninecharger

    Years ago, I knew a catholic girl - she studied got baptized, and married a brother.

    Not one of her disgusted catholic relatives would attend the wedding or sent a present.

    Everyone remarked that this proves the catholics don't have the truth; yet I bet the witlessness do this sort of thing to ex dub relatives far more often.


  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey swan..

    You got me thinking and trying to figure family out who are still J.W.'s

    But you know what.. I still can't figure them out.

    I was d'fd 10 years ago and most of my family have had absolutely no contact since then.. you know the shunning thing.

    Anyways, I always wondered what I might do if my mother died while we seem to be in this impassable state of not talking to each other...or god forbid .. if I should die.. or one on my kids..

    Would or should I attend her funeral.. or would she attend mine.. or would I be annoyed if she showed up if another one of my kids died...

    Well.. maybe you have answered that for me in this post or how weird they can be.

    Plus.. a few months back. my mothers' sister's husband died... That would be her brother in law.. She did not go to the funeral and did not call her worldly sister...through all of that..

    She did go back and visit her a couple weeks after it was all over to shove some magazines at her..

    She told her that she never visited them while her brother in law was alive so didn't feel it right to attend the funeral...

    So I guess that will apply to me and her grandchildren..

    She never visits us while we are alive so .. I guess she won't come to any of our funerals.. if we die before her..

    Sobering thought.. and it hurts...(but I guess that means she wouldn't want me to be at her funeral either)...since I don't go to visit her..

    Gee's I hate that J.W. religion.. It really turns people into doing unnatural things. Backward things.

    I am sorry your family is screwed up too... but maybe we have to learn to expect nothing from them.. not even the basic kind consideration that all people are due.


    Special K

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