Jerry Bergman's Books!

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  • Atlantis

    If anyone has the two books listed below in electronic form or hard copies, please send me a private message.

    Bergman, J. (1999). Jehovah's Witnesses: a comprehensive and selectively annotated bibliography (No. 48). Greenwood Publishing Group. Bergman, J. (1984).

    Jehovah's Witnesses and Kindred Groups: An Historical Compendium and Bibliography (Vol. 180). Taylor & Francis.

    One of the members of the board would very much like to get those two books in PDF. But, if you only have hard copies, then send me a pm anyway, because you and the person who needs them might be able to work something out.

    The Old Timer Atlantis! ( Petra will not allow me to retire. In her words: No posting....No Cobbler! That is torture! These gals sure have methods of getting their way! )

  • RolRod

    I have them

  • Atlantis


    Thank you so very much for your kindness! I have sent you a pm with the information for the person who is requesting those books.

    Many thanks my friend! I sent you a six pack!

    The Old Timer Atlantis!

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