Has Anyone Here read this book?

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  • TerryWalstrom

    Anybody here read these books? If so, how do they differ from JW bait-n-switch debunking?

    Joe Kovacs
    is an acclaimed journalist who has spent 25 years in broadcast, print, and online media, receiving a host of awards for excellence in news coverage from both the Associated Press and United Press International. He is currently the executive news editor for WorldNetDaily.com. Joe has written hundreds of news articles, many focusing on Bible matters.

    A reviewer on Amazon:
    In some ways his interpretations have echoes of Jehovah's Witness teachings about the Bible, but, for the most part, you'd have a hard time finding reputable scripture scholars who would agree with Kovacs' conclusions.


    • God once put out a contract on Moses.
    • God once ran a lottery
    • God never said "Let me make man in my image"
    • Israeli underwear did not disintegrate for forty years
    • Jesus had more apostles than just “The Twelve”
    • Neither Noah, Abraham, Isaac nor Jacob were Jewish
    • The Bible celebrates women’s breasts
    • The Bible doesn't say Noah's Ark landed on "Mount Ararat"
    • The Bible once called someone a “dumb ass”
    • The Bible records the worst case of hemorrhoids in history



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