They Don't Have A Secret Elder's Book

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  • pale.emperor

    "They Don't Have A Secret Elder's Book" so said my mother. "All of our publications are open to everyone. We all have the same information and nothing is hidden in this religion."

    If only she knew. I never bothered showing her my copy because her cognitive dissonance is highly advanced. Before i discovered the elders guidebook which my father-in-law left lying around i had no idea one even existed. And what's worrying is, there's things in there that JW's dont know they can be DF for.

    Does anyone know if they have a scriptural reason to keep the book a secret?

    I'll leave you with another quote of my mother, but please remember she's a victim of this cult and has been since her indoctrination when she was 12 years old in a foster home because of her abusive parents: "If a Watchtower said that black is white, and white is black then i believe it. It doesn't matter what so called proof people have, if the Watchtower says its true then its true."

    I dont have to tell you how very dangerous this type of thinking is. It conjures up images of Jonestown, Nazi Germany, North Korea and radical Islam.

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh dear...yes, that old reasoning is sadly a characteristic of most witnesses....

  • punkofnice

    Oh, dear, pale. I'm sorry to hear that your Mum is not waking up to the nonsense of this cult. As you say, the 'cog dis' is strong in this one.

    I wonder if she'd think Geoff Pope Jackson did a splendid job at the ARC?

    I wonder how many JWs saw the ARC and still felt proud to be JWs.....after their persecution complex kicked in.

  • ttdtt

    Tell her to ask any elder what the Flock book is?
    Also COs have there own, as do Branch members.

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    Many of the Rank'n'File have no idea the book exists. The only time I saw it "legitimately" was when I was a ministerial servant- we had to meet with the CO during his visit. He'd have a meeting with the MSs and Elders, then dismiss the MSs and talk to just the elders. Anyhow, on his MS+Elders talk, he read aloud a few paragraphs from the flock book. He had the elders get theirs out, and we were allowed to "look on" as he read. What a "privilege"!

  • Saename

    How can I gain access to this book? I assume that one has to download it from an apostate source since I don't think it's available on any of JW apps/programs. I believe it's time for me to read it. I've been wondering what sort of 'teachings' are included in this publication.

  • Londo111

    My father was an elder, so I knew there was an elder book that non-elders were forbidden look at. And for some reason, I complied without question.

    I wasn't aware not everyone knew this until waking up.

  • blondie

    I didn't know there was a secret's elder's manual until I did my research on fornication took place if 2 people were unchaperoned overnight. My uncle an elder in another congregation told me. Another elder showed me the statement in the book but I could not touch the book.

    Even if people know it exists, they are told that everything in it can be found in another WTS publication available to the rank and file. But 2 specific ones are missing 1) the one above 2) and that taking a blood transfusion is now an act of disassociation by the individual not df'ing.

  • OrphanCrow
    saename: How can I gain access to this book?

    Shepherd the Flock of God - 2010 printing

    *to add - you might like this one too : Pay Attention to Yourselves and All the Flock

  • Poztate


    There is a full copy of "Shepherd The Flock Of God" at this link. You have to scroll down quite a way to find it. It is a pdf.

    It is not apostate in the least as it was put into evidence at the Australian Royal Commission inquiry into the handling of child abuse issues with JW's

    The whole inquiry is an eye opening read into the bizarre handling and teaching of the child abuse issue.,-july-2015,-sydney

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