Why the “Doomsday Underground Bunker” Videos of Jehovah’s Witnesses May Be More Prophetic Than You Think

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  • berrygerry
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Whoever wrote that is a little crazy.

    "This scenario could also work to protect them from law enforcement detection; they could tell the elders and others that the police are coming to detain them because it’s Armageddon, not because they need to answer legitimate charges of endangering children. An elder could then sit in jail indefinitely, thinking that Jehovah is going to step in any second now and bring that new system, while not saying a word to police. For those that do wise up and realize they’ve been duped, once they emerge from the bunkers or cooperate with the police or whatever else, they see that the world is still continuing to turn while their old Kingdom Hall is now a credit union and their leaders are gone."

    That makes no sense whatsoever. If the police arrested an elder for endangering a child, the police would have to tell him what he's being arrested for and he would be given an attorney. He's not gonna sit in jail thinking armageddon is coming.

  • oldskool
    The narcissism and self indulgence in the video is enough for me. To actually believe people care enough about your obscure teachings about a created Jesus vs. triune manifestation and paradise enough to swat team your house is a joke beyond all measure.
  • Lieu

    Awesome!! The world is in turmoil yet bunker buddies have coffee and cookies.

    Well, here's to hoping for much better conversation in prison.

  • ttdtt

    Also everyone has time to do Hair and Makup - and the Elder gets the Nicest Chair in the bunker.

    So so so Realistic!

  • Vidiot

    ttdtt - "...the Elder gets the Nicest Chair in the bunker. So so so Realistic!"

    Well, let's be honest.

    That bit is accurate... :smirk:

  • sparky1

    "All right you Jehovah's Witnesses in the house! Throw down your "Silver Swords" and come out with your hands Up! This is your final warning!"

  • sparky1

    I might get 'reactivated' if someone can promise me that this Swat Team will storm my house!

  • Vidiot

    BTW, I can actually imagine the writer's little hypothetical drama playing out.

    There's already anecdotal evidence that the Org has squirrelled away funds in offshore accounts. Instructing the loyalist R&F to "go underground" while (unbeknownst to them but knownst to us) the GB skip town and retire in style?

    I wouldn't put it past 'em.

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