Proof - God is not speaking through the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • stumbledbyothers

    Of course we know this!

    With this thread - I’m currently in PIMO –mode - 10 years -in for 40 years- wife a pioneer (maybe this could be a source for someone as a book idea, handout if there isn’t one already). I am hoping to develop coming up with at least 101 reasoning points using ONLY WT publications, bible facts (hebrew/greek text as well) and quotable things from JW Broadcast we can prove that God is not with Jehovah’s Witnesses and its Governing Body. (101 seem to be common number when used for a book format) I’m sure there are websites out there that list many of the flip-flops; however we can use this thread for this specific topic. Prove that God is not with Jehovah’s Witnesses and its Governing Body.

    Using the Russian ban news with all those letters and prayers would get you no where, since that would end up on the Satan list. News items don't work with JW's.

    Anything outside the publications we know will not work for the average witness- even if it is something in the news and or claimed new light it is still tangible evidence since it is in a publication that still could get a witness thinking about it.

    Thanks for any help.

    I will start (no particular final order):

    1. Gods name. JW broadcast June 2015 Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson admits to not knowing the correct pronunciation of God’s name. Use Jehovah because it’s widely recognized in English. Think about that-recognized by the world? If the GB is representing god- wouldn’t god reveal how to say his name? How can you represent someone with out knowing how to say their name correctly?
    2. Superior authorities ROMS 13:1. Wouldn’t God know if he represented the superior authorities?
    -1916 = Worldly Governments or Authorities (Studies in the Scriptures Series I - The Divine Plan of the Ages

    (1916 edition) page 266)
    -1929 = Jehovah God and Jesus Christ (Watchtower June 1 and June 15, 1929)
    -1962 = Worldly Governments or Authorities (Babylon the Great Has Fallen! God's Kingdom Rules! (1962)

    page 548).

  • nowwhat?
    Regarding jah as the recognized name for God. If you use the same reasoning about Christ's birth then it's ok to celebrate it on Dec. 25th
  • Tenacious

    I like to go right in for the kill shot so I'll start with their beloved masonic god jehovah.

    While Jews long stop pronouncing his name and the vowels were lost to history there are clues in scripture to how it was pronounced.

    When the KJV was released it continued the bastardization of the Holy name misspelling it as "jehovah." The problem is God's real name or at least part of his name (which clues us in to the real spelling and pronunciation) can be found in several scriptures in the book of Revelation. For example, in Revelation 19:1 it mentions the word "Hallelujah" which is comprised of two words. According to the Strong's Greek these are "praise" (H1984) and "jah" (H3050) which together forms "Hallal" (Praise) and "Jah" (Yahh) or "Hallaljah" i.e. Hallelujah."

    And here is where we get the first three transliterated letters to God's name which is "Yah."

    And we all know the only name we have been left with is YHWH where we can see the first vowel would used would have been an "a." Because, quite simply, the word Hallelujah is saying "praise Yah." Where we get the first part of God's name as "Jah." So we can confidently conclude the last part would have been (transliterated) "Weh." Thereby, God's name is Yahweh or Jahweh. Talk about calling God by a wrong masonic name! And that name is important to witnesses? Come on, that's laughable.

  • Atlantis

    The term "governing body" does not appear in the scriptures. Watchtower, 1972, November 15, pg. 703, Questions From Readers.

    . . scan 10001


  • LongHairGal


    Yes, the religion admits in their literature that the term ‘governing body’ is not in the scriptures but they assume that something of this sort existed in the first century.

    So, it would appear they took an assumption and built on it - so as to justify their existence. They think they are going to be obeyed as though God spoke.

    If God ever speaks through anybody I would like to know how it’s done. Does the person go into a trance? I would surely love to shake the hand of anybody that the Supreme Being actually spoke to. I would be in awe...Anybody this special should be on a float and paraded down Fifth Avenue like the Pope (sarcasm intended).

  • blondie

    Yes, the WTS does say in a Questions from Readers, in a 1972 WT that the phrase "governing body" is not used in the scriptures.

    But they do in a time-honored WT fashion, put in a QFR and not mention again after 47 years. How many jws today were even alive then thus how inclined would they be to look it up? Most jws have a hard time keeping up with current WT publications. And those who were adults in 1972, how many would even remember that this was discussed 47 years ago? Also, any jw who would wonder would seem to have doubts about WT teachings.

    The WTS also constantly uses the phrase "governing body" in conjunction with a cited scripture in Acts 15. Most if not all jws don't look up that scripture because they believe that they know what it says already. I have kindly brought this up to active jws I come in contact with, saying I was surprised in my daily bible reading that the phrase was not said in Acts 15. I would ask if they had noticed; most looked it up in their bible and said with astonishment that it was not there. Of course, they went back to the explanation that the body of elders in Jerusalem were functioning as that. But it made them think. One of them 10 years later and having left the congregation for good, mentioned to me that had started them on the road to research.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    This is an easy test to see if JW's are with God.

    Quote this scripture:

    That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth - Phil 2: 10

    Say, "Since everyone in heaven, earth and below the earth are commanded to bow the knee to Jesus, would it be OK if we did that together right now to ask God's blessing on our discussion? "

    End of discussion.

    JW's will never willingly bow their knees to Jesus Christ because they are not his.

  • smiddy3

    Good points made by the above posts . Also and I quote from the forward of the NWT of the Bible june 1 1984 New York N.Y.

    "In 1969 the committee released The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures which presented under the Greek text revised by Westcott and Hort (1948 Reprint) a literal word for word translation into English"

    End of quote : A couple of things to note about that publication .

    1. Nowhere in that publication is the Hebrew form of the Tetragrammaton found nor is there any Greek form of those four letters representing the name of God found in that publication.

    So the name /word Jehovah does not occur in that word for word Greek -English Translation.

    2 .Nowhere in that NW Translation are followers of Jesus called on to be witnesses of Jehovah not one scripture ,however their are over 19 scriptures in the NWT of the Christian Greek Scriptures ,that followers of Jesus are to be witnesses of Jesus .

    3. the first Edition of the "Aid to Bible Understanding" admitted that the name Jehovah was not the correct pronunciation but they went with that name because it was the most popular/common name in use......?By who ? Christendom of course whom they always said was hiding Gods name from the public.

    So they obviously weren`t interested in making known the correct pronunciation of God`s name only the most popular name in use by Christendom.

    4. This same publication designated by KI states in Phil.2 : 9-11 That God gave Jesus the name that is above every other name and "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth" - Phil 2: 10

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