Why do some politicians close down businesses but others politicians keep them open.

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  • pistolpete

    What was confusing at first when this pandemic started, was why in some States or, in the Same State but different cities, or same city but different county, or same county but different towns, some of the leaders like City Council, Mayor, or Governor would shut down businesses in one area, but allow other businesses of the same nature to stay open.

    For example, shut down a car wash in one area of town, but allow another car wash to stay open in another area of town.

    The answer is very simple----CORRUPTION by the LEADERS.

    This is why voting is not only important, but, also getting to know as much as possible who you are voting into office.

    In the USA, every State, City, County, and town has a personality that reflects its voted leaders. If your leaders are corrupt, and above the law, then more than likely YOU or YOUR FAMILY will be a victim of injustice at some point in your life.

    Here is an example of corruption in one area in the State of Texas.


  • LV101

    To crash the economy - Dems, a/k/a radical Leftists is following their play book (and they've many more tricks) w/China, et. al., so get ready for a bumpy night! Another coup in the brew along with the CHI COM plague.

    Thousands on LV strip Saturday night UNMASKED but radical left GOV attacks Trump rally/Henderson held in open air/unwalled/manufacturing plant - owner removed walls. GOV dines in restaurants, UNMASKED, no social distancing (has even had to apologize previously for snugglin' too close for comfort w/his guest - he also has negative sexual charges or perv negatives online) and live band entertainment while musicians/entertainers beg to return to work. The hypocrisy and entitlement never stops.

  • minimus

    I do think some politicians are obsessed with Covid.

  • Simon

    The kicker for me was them closing gyms, but then keeping the government run gyms open!

    The job of government isn't to use their power to unfairly compete with local businesses.

    There is no justification for lockdowns right now - there are no overwhelmed hospitals and the mortality rate is flatlining. We shouldn't care about cases and they shouldn't be reported as "news".

    Politicians lack the selflessness to now make the right decisions, they are too risk-averse for their own careers.

  • minimus

    Maybe politicians will close down businesses again if we have another deadly flu. Even if one life is saved it is worth it

  • LV101

    Politicians are keeping lock downs in place for a reason - they're desperate attempts to crash any positives in the economy. I disagree they're COVID obsessed. They clearly don't follow the science and lock downs don't work. Of course those with premobidities/underlying health conditions, weakened immune systems and elderly need to be very cautious as leading scientists have indicated. Deaths would have been greatly curtailed if politically driven FDA had not released false reports about Hydroxychloroquine and Dem/blue states not used the life-saving med to advance their agenda. It's all planned out.

  • pistolpete

    Deaths would have been greatly curtailed if politically driven FDA had not released false reports about Hydroxychloroquine

    They are playing with our lives like it's some game. But they don't put their own lives on the line, just the lives of those under their rule.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I'm very well acquainted with a doctor who saw to it that his family members received hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Z-packs when family members tested pos for COVID. According to him, many of the local medical teams dealing with COVID patients were taking it prophylactically since the pandemic started.

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