I'm A Pacifist but My God Wasn't!

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Were is the sense...to this?

    I wouldn't go to war...I was a conscientious objector in Viet Nam.

    I couldn't even get into a fight at school without getting into trouble.

    Yet my God...Jehovah was is a jealous God an Angry God....A God who when he got pissed off could destroy a whole planet...remember the flood....(The Bible said he felt bad afterwards)...that was nice.

    Now he is getting ready to do it again....7 billion people worth....and why?

    Because people won't buy his magizines and join his church. Hey! Have you seen some of these people going door to door?

    Please god if you want me to join your team, better send me some people that have most there teeth and at least a 3rd grade education....Opps...I forgot you really don't like people on the bright side or too educated.

    Hey, since he is all powerful doesn't he have the power to change people's minds about him and his good people?

    Well, I guess not! That could take some time...and hay...it is so much easier to just kill them off..right!

    Hitler was a mad man because he killed off only 100 million people because they wouldn't do what he said. What's the difference between him and your "God of love?"....The people will be just as dead!

  • stuckinarut2

    First...take a breath....and relax...

    No seriously, I understand exactly where you are coming from!

    Even Jesus supposedly said that god could have the "stones cry out" to give a witness.....well, I reckon if stones DID cry out with the message, then people WOULD listen! Instead, we have a dysfunctional bunch of people out peddling the message....NO wonder the average normal person ignores the message!

  • smiddy

    Jehovah has killed far more people than Satan ever did , and he promises to kill even more.

    And he does`nt` confide in us at all .

    Why is Jehovah ,Allah , the Eternal ,the Almighty , or whoever you want to call him such a recluse ?

    Why is he in hiding ? Doing everything , or nothing , behind closed doors ?

    And don`t give me that crap , we are imperfect and he can`t communicate with us .

    He has had no problem meeting and conversing with Satan the Devil for thousands of years .

    Even Jesus had no problem conversing with Satan the Devil during his ministry.

    But God talking to humans , being up front with what he wants us to do ? Being transparent , with his door to communication always open , is obviously not one of his strong points .

    After 2,000 years of atrocities in his name , he is still silent , with nothing to say.


  • atomant

    Yep the god of love has proven at least 1 thing hes a man slayer just like satan.No wonder a third of the angels left god and l wonder how many more.As a kid l would sit at the meetings and wonder to myself how gullible these people really are.l wish l didnt feel this way but the facts speak volumes.Maybe god if he exists will prove me wrong one day but l dont see how.

  • Landy
    To be fair, JWs don't join the army because they're pacifists but because of their stance on neutrality. Witnesses have never claimed to be pacifists.
  • smiddy

    Landy your right

    J.W.`s have never claimed to be pacifists , because they believe in the War of the great Day of God Almighty of Armageddon .

    That is a war they look forward to and even pray for , the sooner it comes the sooner they can enjoy peace in a paradise on earth .

    They themselves have no part in it because it`s the Angels of God who are to bring on this destruction they pray for and not humans on earth .

    However it still means every Jehovah`s Witness prays for the destruction of 8 Billion people , man ,woman, and child , who is not a Jehovah`s Witness


  • Heartsafire
    It's a bunch of hog wash. There I said it. And I didn't get struck by lightening.
  • ttdtt

    If JWs really loved people like Jesus - they would stop preaching ASAP and let the Stones do the talking.

    But they dont.

  • Saintbertholdt

    Landy you wrote:

    To be fair, JWs don't join the army because they're pacifists but because of their stance on neutrality. Witnesses have never claimed to be pacifists.

    You are absolutely correct. They use the term conscientious objector instead of pacifist (for legal reasons), however practically their action or inaction is indistinguishable from that of a pacifists. I find the difference philosophical instead of practical.

    Hey Heartsafire, you wrote:

    It's a bunch of hog wash. There I said it. And I didn't get struck by lightening.

    Yeah its hogwash and no lightning in sihgfdhg;oAGkjvbgkjjghhghghhghghhg;ls;sh;o

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I remember having to go before the draft board to go to Viet Nam when I turned 18.

    I cant say I was a pacifist. But I do know I did not want to get killed.

    I told the draft board I had a problem going into the army because of my mothers religion.

    I said maybe, I would go in the coast guard and drive around Lake Erie in a boat.

    They said you have a pretty high draft number 181. Why don't you just wait and see if we get that high.

    They never made it to 181.

    I do remember feeling very conflicted. I would not have been happy in jail as a conscientious objector and I would have gotten sea sick riding around in a boat on Lake Erie or the Mekong Delta.

    I did not know it at the time 18 years old but I am pretty sure today that God killed more people in the bible than the Devil ever did. I think Satan only killed 10 people in the bible.

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