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  • smiddy3

    Hi friends this is just to let people in Victoria Australia know that they can watch "The Witnesses" on Oxygen Channel on TV as a free trial at present .

    And as I don`t like paying for anything I don`t have to its paid off .

    So the wife and I watched the 1st episode this arvo and its riveting stuff and will watch the second episode tomorrow .

    I don`t know if the same deal applies to the other states or not ,just thought here`s an opportunity for Aussies who don`t subscribe to Oxygen channel to see it for free.

  • smiddy3

    OK so the wife and I watched the second episode today and were just blown away by the arrogance and denial the WT organization goes too in keeping these documents from public scrutiny .

    And now that Irwin Zalkin law firm has them and the courts prevents him from disclosing the contents ? ,I just do not comprehend this.

    If the Australian judicial system can get G.B. member Geoffrey Jackson and JW lawyer Vin Toole ,and a couple of Elders to appear in the Australian Royal Commission Into Institutions Of Child Sexual Abuse ,which they did , case 29 and case 54 I believe ,what`s wrong with the American system where they don`t seem to be able to do this ? If you are able to watch these u-tube videos of the ARC wherever you are in the world please do so.

    I applaud these victims who have had the guts to come out in public and expose what has happened to them in some cases many years ago.And now seek justice ,closure , and a change in JW/WT policy about Child Sexual Abuse so that many more victims wont eventuate .They need to recognise its not just a sin its a crime committed against another person and should be reported to the police.And they need to stop victimising the victim.

    Why they haven`t been prosecuted for destroying evidence in shedding notes made by Elders in the Judicial Committee meetings of Child sexual abuse evades me.

    It disgusted us to see how the family of these victims sided with the perpretator of these crimes and were not supportive of there own children and even shunning them and ordering them to leave the household is heartbreaking to watch.

    I should have paid the price for watching it sooner .

    Kudos to the Lawyers that have taken on the WTB&TS , and Trey Bundy and his Investigating Reporting Team for pursuing this continuing crime against children in the JW religion and there refusal to take steps to prevent it, and for putting there public image and the name Jehovah before protecting children in their care .Shame on them.

    One other thing that was not brought out in these 2 videos is that these paedophiles are going door to door in neighbourhoods with children in them ,so children outside of the JW religion can also be at risk of being groomed by these people .And this was addressed at the ARC.

  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    The Australian judicial system and the Australian Royal Commission Into Institutions Of Child Sexual Abuse are two different things, the latter having no teeth.

    End of the second episode addressed the ongoing Grand Jury probe.

  • Vidiot
    was a new boy - "...the latter having no teeth."

    From what I heard, failure to submit to questioning at the ARC could result in arrest.

    That doesn't sound toothless to me.

  • smiddy3

    was a new boy and Vidiot ,you both have a valid point.The ARC does not have power to force the Institutions that were involved to join the Redress Scheme to give compensation to victims of child sexual abuse or to even adopt the reccommendations made by the commission but were strongly urged to do so .

    And I believe the deadline for doing so expires at the end of this month ?

    And what the ARC plans to do with those who refuse to take part in the scheme is to name and shame them hopefully on an ongoing campaign to get some change by embarrassing them publicly and holding them to account for there failure to do so.

    But it is true they have no power to prosecute them for not doing so.

    I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

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