Old magazines and single page tracts

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  • pepperheart

    In the july jw broadcast in the section about the cart work worldwide did you notice how many OLD books magazines and single page tracts they had on the carts to give to the general public

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    That has been the recommendation for a while though, even before the carts there was an increasing emphasis not to destroy old literature but place it with people. If I remember correctly, there were even days scheduled in the km where they would say to place old lit, even books that had been replaced. Eventually it got to a point where they had to publish lists of books that weren't allowed to be placed anymore because it was old light.

  • stuckinarut2

    So that proves that it is NOT the substance of the information that brings people into the org...as the old material is now outdated.

    It is an emotional attraction that brings people in...

    So it wouldn't matter what the books or tracts say,in fact the pages could be blank, and people who are inclined would still come in....

  • steve2

    The last time I glanced in the direction of a JW cart table, the literature was dog-eared. Paper does that when it lies there for weeks on end, fingered by none but the faithful. I too would curl up if I were put on display for weeks on end and had no takers.

  • pepperheart

    On the july broadcast they did a section about the carts and one of the GB even gave people a tip about putting magazines and books into plastic bags to keep them dry and clean.Because the magazines are undated now in time i can see them having on the carts watchtowers and awakes that were printed many many years ago

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