Watchtower fights US Post Office

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  • Amazing

    The Watchtower Society, struggling over increased costs, gets into a fight with the US Postal Rate Commission ... read all about it at:

    Trial Brief:

    Watchtower Letter:

    Another Watchtower letter:


    Post Office is nice to Watchtower:

    Fight goes into another year:

    Related stuff:

  • Loris

    WHAT!!!!! Does this mean that Jehovah was not behind the loss of our subscriptions? Could it be - No I can't believe this - increased postage was the real reason. But we were led to believe that it was Jehovah tightening up before the big A. Money is of no value to Mother, she would not use the loss of a few dollars to cut off the supply of vital spiritual information to millions.

    WaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaa!!!! What a crock of pucky the WT is.


  • sunshineToo


    Where do you get all these informations?

  • undercover

    Yea, gotta agree with Loris here.

    The friends are told that the subscriptions ending is further "simplifying" of matters. The JWs buy it, no problem. They even speculate(with a little help) that Jehovah has given indication to the GB that things are getting closer to the end. Those on the outside(ie apostates, etc) read consipiracy. The WTS doesn't want the magazines falling into just anyone's(read apostates) hands. But now the truth comes out. It was the almighty dollar that did it. It was going to cost more to "spread the good news of the kingdom" so to save $$$ they discontinue the subscriptions and tell the friends to pick up mags at the hall. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  • Michael3000

    Hmm-hm...hmph-hmph... "skin sacks"

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi sunshine Too,

    You asked,

    "Where do you get all these informations?"

    The website Amazine links to is the US government's Postal Rate Commission. These are public documents, available to all. The Watchtower does not control this information, nor can they deny it.

    What I can't figure out is why the WTS didn't just raise the subscription price to cover the increase, like every other company does.

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