Watchtower is DocLine Subscriber

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  • Amazing

    This is not a WOW necessarily ... but it shows the Watchtower ID for this service. (See page 2 of 8 box shows Watchtower)

  • Scully

    Well it could be a WOW, particularly if they were trying to find some medical data to either support the blood doctrine or find ways of introducing "new light" or keep up-to-date on techniques for the refinement of fractionating blood, bloodless surgery, etc.

    It would be interesting to keep an eye on the DocLine site and compare the medical offerings in the WTS publications.

    Love, Scully

  • gcc2k

    For those wondering what "docline" is:

    DOCLINE is the National Library of Medicine's automated interlibrary loan (ILL) request routing and referral system. The purpose of the system is to provide improved document delivery service among libraries in the National Network of Libraries of MedicineĀ® (NN/LMĀ®) by linking journal holdings to efficiently route the requests to potential lending libraries on behalf of the borrower.

    It also says under eligibility guidelines:

    Eligibility Guidelines for new DOCLINE Libraries

    Health sciences libraries and libraries at institutions with a health sciences mission are eligible to apply for access to NLM's DOCLINE system. Libraries may also be invited to join DOCLINE as part of their affiliation with the NN/LM, as either a full member or as an affiliate member (your RML office can help to determine what level of membership is best for your institution). Each potential DOCLINE library in the U.S. must contact the Regional Medical Library (RML) in its region to determine its level of eligibility and to apply for participation. The phone number for all regions is: 800-338-7657 (800-338-RMLs).

    I don't see how the WT qualifies as a health sciences library. Perhaps Awake! qualifies as a publication that refers to medical information, but that's a stretch.

  • Gamaliel

    Tends to provide them with cover for the reasons they gave on the UN scandal. (Just doing everything we can, they'll say, to get access to important information to share with our readers.)

    If they have a "health sciences mission" they're elibible. Maybe they just want facts and figures on how many JWs have certifiable mental health problems. They could figure out what kinds of pharmaceuticals to add to the foods served at Bethel that are shipped in from Watchtower Pharms.


  • Scully

    It wouldn't surprise me if the WTS was using the in-house infirmary and medical personnel at Bethel as their rationale for needing ready access to this medical library information.

    Love, Scully

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