Has anyone had a cataract affect eye lens replaced with an artificial lens?

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  • fulltimestudent

    I have a cataract in one eye, and am scheduled for an operation sometime ()when my turn comes up). I'm told the artificial replacement lens will be multifocal. I'm hoping that my sight will go back to near normal. At this time, typing becomes a bit tedious as I seem to making more mistakes.

    If anyone has has this an artificial lens fitted, what's been your experience with its?

  • nowwhat?

    Ask to meet with the elders about this

  • waton

    I have heard, that there are options to have a neutral lens installed, requiring glasses. or at a price, have the correction done with the implant.

    will give you back, hopefully the true blue colours, but sometimes there is complications, like wavy lines.where previously it was straight and true. The bible speaks of the touchy eye, not to be trifled with. ask the doctor if he has insurance for the failures. not looking forward (pun just happened) to have it done.

  • LongHairGal


    I didn’t know they still do that with the glasses. I thought anybody who has cataract surgery nowadays always has an artificial lens implanted with a prescription. ..They lift the damaged lens out and put in an artificial lens that will last a lifetime. The lens usually has a single or multifocal prescription depending on what the dr recommends.

    I was nervous but had no choice and had to have one eye done almost two years ago with a single prescription and it seems okay. I know several people who have had this very commonplace surgery. Cataract surgery is becoming more common even in younger people because certain medications people take will cause cataract growth:.steroids for instance.

    Generally speaking, I have heard good results except for rare instances.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I have not, but a person I am very close to has had cataract surgery on BOTH eyes, with excellent results.

    I hope you won't be getting the surgery in Cuba.

  • Tantalon

    Yes I have had one done, very straight forward and interesting,my eye with the original lens sees in a yellow spectrum and the new one sees in blue spectrum.The effect initially is quite remarkable.I amuse myself by trying to work out what colours are by closing one eye and then the other; I am easily amused. I still require reading glasses but my long distance vision is A1. I do however now suffer from a slightly dry eye in the one with the artificial lens and have to apply lubricant from time to time.

  • ElderEtta
    Does LASIK Last Forever? ... Because LASIK uses a laser to physically reshape the cornea to improve its focusing ability, this makes it a permanent treatment for the existing vision prescription at the time of surgery. But, our eyes – like other parts of our body – change over time.Sep 19, 2018
  • nonjwspouse

    Most people having cataract surgery are amazed with the good results.

    I was actually hoping my very small cataracts would grow quickly so I could have insurance pay for the vision correction. My vision is awful, and I fall asleep in my glasses almost every night.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    ElderEtta commented, "Does LASIK Last Forever..."

    LASIK reshapes the OUTSIDE of the eyeball. Cataract surgery goes inside the eyeball and removes the original lens (grinds it up & sucks out the bits) and replaces that lens with a MAN- (not God-) made lens). The work is done through a small incision in the eyeball, and the patient is awake but sedated) during the procedure. The eye is irritated for a few days following because of the incision wound, but that recovers rapidly.

    I have been told that first non-sedated vision afterwards is AMAZING.

  • fulltimestudent

    Thank you to all for commenting.

    I'll respond, In the chronological order of posts, to those whose information was of value to me.

    1. waton - I have no information yet as to what type of lens I will be offered. I understand it is likely to be an implant with two focal lengths, but I guess I will find out if I have a choice at the pre-op meeting with the hospital.

    2. LongHairGal - That's what I really wanted to be sure of, that the results will be OK.

    3. Nathan Natas - Good! I'm hoping that my left eye will have an excellent result also. And, No! I will not travel to Cuba for this work. As I understand it, the Sydney Public Hospital that I've been referred to, will do the procedure for free. So far, all the work is free, from an initial consultation with my usual medical centre when I found left eye was seeing a blurred image. to the the three hours of tests at Sydney eye hospital to make sure there was not other complications, etc have been free.That's because the government-owned universal Health Insurance scheme pays for these procedures. I guess some would call that socialism. I just see it as a government owned business. But for those who are curious, it usually works as well as if it was owned by an individual or a company. Generally in Australia, the best hospitals are owned by the government, Although, the university from which I recently graduated, owns a so-called 'private' hospital.

    Tantalon - That's interesting, I'll ask about this possible warm tone/cool tone differentation when my turn comes.

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