I like the fact that XJW's are passionate about politics

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  • minimus
    The fact is we could never talk about politics or of use toward political issues as witnesses now we can and we can disagree without being disagreeable .
  • talesin
    Me, too! Remember the 2004 election? Wow, the flame wars were fun - it's American politics, so entertaining!
  • minimus
    Even if some of our views may not be excepted by the majority I think that it's good to have the dialogue open
  • Terry

    Passionate? Mmmm, I'd say puerile and snippy and thin-skinned,

    and wound up tight and ready to burst a blood vessel. :)

    Lots of folks get personal in a hurry. Generalities are taken as specifics. Hearts are eager to be broken.

    I'm going to avoid political posts from now on. There is too much drama in the trauma. Too much heat and very little light.

    The crowds with pitchforks and torches are on the march. Jackboots are clipping on the cobblestones.

    Get me outta here--I seem to be the monster!


  • just fine
    just fine
    I think I am more passionate about just having the freedom to have an opinion. It's kinda funny sometimes because people get so mad and think we all have to agree on what's best, but we don't. And it's ok. In fact it's great, because we are all thinking without the cult telling us what to do.
  • scary21

    I like to see how other people think and WHY they think that way.........We don't have to agree..

  • smiddy

    Jehovah`s Witnesses are passionate about politics too , and they are also Monarchists .

    No they don`t accept Democracy , Communism ,Totalitarianism ,Fascism .etc.etc.

    However they do believe in a Theocracy , a Government by GOD ,and a Monarchy with JESUS as King .

    So in my view they are as political as the next man or woman.

    And they will die upholding those beliefs .


  • kaik

    Political discussions are always heated and everyone can look into French Revolution where disagreement was solved by guillotine. Robespierre said that even if person does not make any choice, he already did showed his or her political views. When I go to foreigner boards, the political discussions are far worse than on JWN.

  • sir82

    Even if some of our views may not be excepted by the majority

    Don't worry, I take exception to all your views!

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I am sure a % of ex-jws are passionate about politics, but I am not sure it is such a blanket rule. As for being able to disagree without being disagreeable, it's a testimony to many here that threads on God and Politics are debated in an agreeable way, but I have noted the threads can become disagreeable and at times rather unpleasant.

    The Rebel.

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