Physically In Mentally Out or PIMO

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  • new boy
    new boy

    There are thousands of people there for sure. I too was living that life for many years myself.

    Going through all the motions knowing things were just not right. Yet so afraid of the consequences of leaving the only world I knew. Your body is there, yet your heart and mind are just are not there anymore.

    Back when I too was PIMO, I would just stand in the back of the kingdom hall and look around at all those people sitting there. No one seemed to have a smile on their faces. They were tired too. The years of waiting for the coming destruction so that they/we could finally be happy in the promised paradise had taken its toll. Just how long can you keep sprinting towards the goal line that they seem to keep moving into the distant future?

    Yes there were very few really happy people at the Kingdom Hall. Most everyone was "Just hanging in there." We were waiting for.....pie in the sky when you die!

    As they say. "Nothing stays the same."

    I was the guy in the Ed Sullivan show spinning all those plates on the end of the sticks. Finally the day came and I had to step back, no longer having the strength to keep the plates going...and of course they came crashing down.

    When this happened instead of despair, I felt an over whelming sense of relief. There was lost of course.

    Yes to my surprise my life didn't end but of course my world had forever changed after taking the "red pill."

    So the question is, when do you go from PIMO to POMO or Physically out and mentally out.

    Only you can answer that question.

    Yet the day will come for many when the plates will no longer spin....

    Then your day of freedom will be at hand.

    My heart goes out to all of you who are still in the grips of this organization. For I was there too.

    Keith Casarona

  • DesirousOfChange

    If you want to do some advance damage control to save the loss of family (doubtful anything saves "friends") you need some strategy to go from PIMO to POMO.

    We were PIMO for some time until we found the opportunity to make our "FADE". We were stumbled -- wronged -- by those in the highest positions. How could the Holy Spirit allow such a wrong? Where was Joe Hoover when it happened? We aren't saying "bad things" about the Borg (at least not publicly), we are just aghast and appalled at what took place. We are quietly "waiting on Joe Hoover". BUT we are NOT waiting IN the Kingdumb Hall. We are waiting quietly at home on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

  • smiddy3

    My heart goes out to those PIMO for whatever reason you remain so ,however sooner or later it just becomes too much to bear and you can`t keep that up any longer ,then you become a POMO and then the anxiety ,stress ,ill health ,leaves your body and a wave of relief sets in that you haven`t felt in many years .

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    POMO is synonymous with being foot loose & fancy free! Being in a cult is very much like being in a very bad marriage! Only good comes to those who exit a very...very bad marriage!

    So...yah, I envy anyone who has reached the stage of POMO in this WT/JW cult.👍

  • truth_b_known

    I think there are two types of PIMO persons. There is the PIMO we see and talk about here quite often. These are the ones who have come to know the truth about the Truth. These are the ones who no longer believe the lunacy, but are not ready to have the ties cut between them and family or friends.

    Then there is another kind of PIMO. I believe my sister's husband is an example. He was my best friend growing up through high school. We because Ministerial Servants at the same time. We were the elders' right hand. However, we both had a deep desire of having a career in public safety. He wanted to be a firefighter and I wanted to be a police officer.

    For years now has been a full time paid firefighter and has only been doing the bare minimum to keep his "active" status in the organization. You can tell that his career has replaced Witness activities. He is even a tac medic for a police department's SWAT team. I'm really happy for him because we both accomplished what we wanted to do with our lives. The difference is that Witnesses have no problem with their members being a firefighter, but are hung up on being a police officer because of the whole gun thing.

    Where things differ between he and I is, we both live our lives like we no longer believe in the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses, but he still will tell you to your face it is "the Truth". It's down right hypocritical. Almost gaslighting.

    He goes to meetings, I guess he goes out in field service occasionally, and that's it. He sports a gorgeous, massive handle bar mustache as some firefighters have the custom of doing. So big that there is no way any body of elder would ever let him have any extended "privileges". That's just it - he doesn't care.

    I'm seeing this more and more out of my formal Witness associates. They look like a runner in baseball who is touching the side of second base with their left toe and saying "I'm safe. See! I'm on base," and then spits their chew on the field right in front of you.

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