feel worthy.

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    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    Zeb, thank you for this information, I was thinking about this self-doubt, self-hate, and guilt that WT drums into its followers. I've been out for a decade but I have suffered from depression since I was 10-11 years old. Recently, I was meditating on advancements I've personally made in my thinking regarding the JW indoctrination from youth and how I have successfully deprogrammed. I'm nearly sixty and have finally realized I'm a pretty good guy and I have my act together.

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    Thanks, this is a great article!

    I had this ‘unworthy’ nonsense as a subliminal and not so subliminal message to me in my early life..First, by dysfunctional family - then by the JW religion which could have ruined my life totally if I had let them! ..Thank God I had an ounce of practicality.

    I’m sure this mantra of unworthiness is at the heart of the world’s problems and why some people do bad things. But, certainly nobody needs an idiot religion to destroy their self-esteem. They talk about ‘love’ but it’s crap. It’s really all about making people feel unworthy so they can be controlled with fear and guilt.

    I’m glad I got out of there.

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