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    First question: Who the hell is the "Dove of Oneness"?"Saint Germaine"?

    Second question: What the heck is "NESARA"?

    Third question: WHY isn't this on CNN or other mainstream media?

    Fourth question: Why is "compound interest" unconstitutional?

    Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2003 2:05 p.m. PDT

    To: Dove Group Members

    From: "Dove_of_O" <[email protected]>

    Subject: [doveofo] NESARA Breakthrough Possible Any Time; Mortgage Forgiveness

    Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,

    There are many actions in process focused on persuading the European Union to withdraw their petition from the World Court. Today more business people both inside and outside the E.U. are applying pressure to enable NESARA to break free of this E.U. delaying tactic. All it takes is the right pressure applied in the right place and we could see the breakthrough which would enable NESARA to be announced.

    Even though “we” may not be able to see the large number of actions being taken to move NESARA into announcement, the dark agenda opposition to NESARA are definitely seeing these things. The Bush regime is hearing from many people who have supported them in the past and who are now calling for NESARA’s announcement. The Republican party has traditionally been the party which represents “big business”, and yet, we are hearing about thousands of big business executives in the U.S. and other countries who are part of the global actions to get NESARA announced. The Bush regime are shocked at the loss of support they are now experiencing.

    This morning Dick Cheney and the dark agenda members of the Bush Cabinet asked Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine to meet with them in D.C. These dark agenda people wanted to discuss some kind of “deal” which would lessen the repercussions on them after NESARA is announced. After listening about 30 minutes to the dark agenda Bush regime members discuss their demands for “cooperating” with NESARA being announced, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine left the meeting stating that if they ever have something valuable to contribute, He might listen. There were no deals struck in this meeting and are not likely to be any deals with these Illuminati henchmen.

    The fact that several Illuminati groups have asked Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine to meet with them in the last week indicates that they know their time is running out.

    Some of you have written at various times asking questions because you are facing a decision to take a new job, buy a new house, refinance your current home, etc. and you want to know if NESARA is being announced prior to the date when you have to make a decision. My standard reply is that you must decide at what point or on what date you must make your decision and have your plan of action decided. Then, when that date arrives, you must “take care of your business” in whatever way is appropriate. Do not wait for the NESARA announcement if you have crucial business that needs attention; NESARA is a world-level activity and the timing of NESARA may not match your personal needs.

    You can often do your own analysis and determine your own decisions if you stop and do the math, for example on a financial matter. If you are considering refinancing your home, then you are no doubt wondering if you want to pay the fees to refinance your home to obtain a lower monthly payment because you know about NESARA’s mortgage forgiveness. Yes, if you refinance today and NESARA is announced tomorrow, you might pay a few thousand dollars in fees that you might not have needed to pay. However, if it would give you peace of mind to refinance, then it might be worth it. In the first few months after NESARA is announced, you will probably recoup the amounts you pay in refinance fees due to being free of IRS taxes, not having to pay any mortgage payments or credit card payments, and some of the other financial benefits from NESARA being announced.

    We each have to make our own decisions based on our personal schedules and needs, not the schedule of NESARA’s announcement. The way I handle these things is that I set a date by which I have to make a decision that might be impacted by NESARA. If that date arrives without NESARA being announced, then I go ahead and do what I need to do to take care of business.

    For those of you who have private real estate contracts (unless the contract is held by a bank or financial institution) by which you are buying property, there will not be debt forgiveness as such, but there will be the requirement that your contracted payment amount is recalculated based on a low rate of SIMPLE interest, not compound interest which is unconstitutional. It is the compound interest that makes a house we buy end up costing three times the amount of the purchase price. By changing your contract to simple interest from compound interest, the recalculation should lower your monthly payment amount or shorten the years of the contract.

    Mortgage debt forgiveness/relief in NESARA is based on the fact that the banks have charged us unconstitutional rates of interest, utilized dishonest foreclosure practices and other kinds of fraud. All bank loans with compound interest are unconstitutional under NESARA and must be wiped out so these unlawful bank practices and loans do not TAINT the new U.S. Treasury Bank System.

    We will hear the exact details bank loan debt forgiveness during and after the NESARA announcement. Right now I’m hearing that all home mortgages (including refinance and home equity loans) taken out before mid-2000 will be forgiven outright by the banks. Home mortgages taken out since mid-2000 will be changed into “self-liquidating loans” and the banks will use new revenue generating abilities under NESARA to pay off the mortgages/self-liquidating loans for you.

    Except for the credit card debt forgiveness which is given to non-citizens and citizens/natural persons/sovereigns alike, the other bank debt forgiveness requires that you be a native or naturalized citizen of the country in which the bank where you obtained your bank loan is located.

    If you are a foreigner in the U.S. for example, you will not receive bank loan debt forgiveness from banks in the U.S., except for credit card debt forgiveness. This is because bank debt forgiveness is required by the government of the country and is compensation to the people of the country for the fraud perpetrated upon them by the national banking system and the government.

    We will be filling out applications for all our bank debt forgiveness, except the credit card debt which happens automatically when NESARA is announced. Our application process will include providing proof that we are citizens/natural persons/sovereigns of our country which makes us eligible for the bank debt forgiveness of our mortgages, our college education loans, our car loans, home equity loans, and other BANK loans we may have. From the time NESARA is announced, we will not be making payments on these loans but will have to fill out our applications for bank debt forgiveness to ensure these loans are cleared off the bank’s books.

    NESARA authorizes payoff amounts to the banks for each mortgage and loan the banks must forgive. The banks are being well compensated to do the bank debt forgiveness.

    To subscribe to the Dove Reports, please send an email to: [email protected] with the Subject: “SUBSCRIBE” and I will manually add you to the Dove egroup.

    If you miss receiving the DAILY Dove Report, you may read it at the following website: http://www.fourwinds10.com (also has Dove Voice Reports and Dove radio interviews). Every day I hear from at least a dozen people who are not receiving the Dove Reports due to some kind of blocking on the Internet. If this happens to you, you can always read the reports at http://www.fourwinds10.com . You can also email yourself a copy of the Report you miss from the website.

    Please ALLOW 72 HOURS for processing “Subscribe” or “Unsubscribe” requests.

    If you have a CHANGE of EMAIL ADDRESS, please go to http://www.fourwinds10.com and halfway down on the left side of the home page there is a place for you to submit your change of email address. PLEASE USE this function as it is the best and quickest way for us to receive your change of email address information.

    We will have to see what happens regarding the European Union’s delaying tactics. The pressure on the E.U. to withdraw their petition continues. Also, the processes for replacing the Illuminati-serving World Court Judges are making progress. One way or the other, the deadwood causing the log jam blocking NESARA’s announcement will be removed soon. NESARA Yes!

    Blessings and Love,

    Dove of Oneness

    The term "White Knights" is borrowed from the Wall Street Journal and the world of big business hostile takeovers when a vulnerable company is "rescued from a hostile takeover by a White Knight” corporation or wealthy person. Certainly, these people fighting to bring Americans and the world the benefits of NESARA and to rescue our people from government and banking fraud deserve to be called “White Knights”. World Court is the International Court of Justice in the city called The Hague, in the Netherlands.


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    Well, I checked the website and looked at some links... I can't establish anything concrete, there is a lot of what seems to be religious rhetoric...

    near as I can figure.. this is like a religion... based on alien and human co operation... in an attempt to overthrow the illuminati and save the earth from destruction....

    It reminds me of the Scientologists.... very Hubbard ish...

    Strange indeed...


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