Sample chapters of my novel now available

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    My latest novel, “Armageddon’s Disciples” is now available in both print and Kindle versions. A brief description:

    “When three “Disciples” of the Word of God Foundation discover seventeen-year-old Alice Lahti dead in their meeting hall, detective Ed Franklin quickly finds a tangled web of toxic relationships, sexual abuse, blackmail, murder, and bizarre failed prophecies. Unable to penetrate the Disciples’ closed world, Ed recruits his neighbor, Keith Thornton, a former member, to guide him.

    Already “Cast-out” for heresy and facing shunning by family and friends, Keith has nothing left to lose. His wife has left him because he no longer believes in The Word. By helping the police investigation, Keith marks himself as a “Forsaker”, one who has deliberately turned his back on The Lord. Keith hopes his assistance will provide meaning to the havoc the religion created in his life.

    As stories of sexual abuse and the body count rises, investigators struggle to unravel the secret world of Armageddon’s Disciples.”

    Links to purchase a copy.




    I will also be putting more information up on my new website:

    All three allow you to preview the book, just click on the cover where it says “look inside.” The first (Kindle) link has the largest sample.

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