Nov '16 Study Edition Watchtower - OBEY, scum!

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  • punkofnice

    sorry about the quality, but if you knew the tech I was using you'd be happified............

  • sir82

    OBEY, scum!

    I think that will be the theme of the 2018 Regional Conventions.

  • pale.emperor

    "...persists in a course that reflects badly on the congregation, such as dating an unbeliever."

    Even though i was born and raised a JW and only left 7 months ago i nearly choked when i read that. It's so trivial and stupid. Just shows how far I've come from dismantling the indoctrination.

    "Your loving concern and firm stand may move the person to abandon a disorderly course."

    Yeah, poke your nose in where it wasn't asked and then act like a toddler by ignoring the person until he dumps the person he/she has feelings for just because you dont agree with it.

  • punkofnice

    sir82 - It really should be.

    paley - Yes. hide the child rapists but you dare date an unbeliever and see how the wrath of the glorified window cleaners is invoked!!

  • BluesBrother

    Last Sunday's study. The thing is that the theme Scripture was Prov 3: 19 , about God's creation and the wonder of the heavens. They still manage to morph this into a study that tells you to do as you are told.....

    Choice quote was ,

    " A critical and rebellious spirit has no place in God's organisation "

    Even my loyal family balked at this bit ,

    " Ask ourselves,'Do I contribute to the spirituality of those around me? Am I quick to accept and support the direction given by the brothers taking the lead?"

    They could see that the two questions were not the same...they just wanted to reinforce their power.

    This is the way it has gone folks. Be obedient, or else!

  • Spoletta

    You'd think they would welcome the chance to bring new sheep into the fold, but they realize that it's more likely that one taste of the real world will lead their sheep astray.

  • flipper

    Thanks for posting this Punk. Absolutely disgusting. ANY kind of negative actions or comments against the organization by current JW's or EX-JW's is looked at by the WT Society as insubordination and rebellion. Even dating someone who is not a JW.

    My wife who is not a JW said, " it's obvious what the WT is doing. Cutting people off from their families through control. "Exactly. The more WT leaders can conquer and divide with stupid ass rules- the more their rule over JW's through fear and intimidation will work. You can only hope that JW's who are sitting on the fence will decide to jump to the side of freedom of mind off of the fence and leave this criminal organization. Control, control, control. I mean enough is enough- how much control can a normal person take ? They want to do all they can to isolate their JW members so they won't hear about all the WT crap going on. Take care Punk, Happy New year to you. Peace out, Mr. flipper


    Just wait, it gets worse. In the following weeks the GB make sure that the sheep understand that they can't possibly learn "truth" on their own, and Jerkhoober requires "unity of doctrine."

    Of course the GB can't be expected to serve "perfect" spiritual food, but if YOU question the menu, you're compared to Korah.


  • WTWizard

    From what I read of that scripture, the two items that are "markable" are meddling in others' business and mooching off others in lieu of working. The first group include those who are stumbled by everything that anyone has or does--and will pry into their MP3 player to judge someone for listening to Billy Idol or David Bowie, claiming to be stumbled. Well, dingbat, if you weren't meddling, you wouldn't have been stumbled.

    The second group are basic parasites. They consistently mooch off others, yet they never want to work. This does not refer to those who are working but low paying jobs and legitimately need assistance, those who are disabled and cannot work, or those who have fallen into bad luck. But, the idiot that will happily hit you up for a donation for every little thing (sounds like the pious-sneers and hounder-hounders) but will not even attempt to work fits this category. Many feel entitled to others' generosity. And some are so stupid that they will throw away whatever windfalls they receive--they inherit a jar full of silver coins, and they throw them away and then expect assistance when they want it.

    Whether I can understand the whole LIE-ble without Satan's assistance (turns out, it is a book of witchcraft intended to enslave the whole human race) or not, this is blatant. It spells it right out, these are the two types of people referenced to be marked. You consistently feel entitled to others' generosity and will not work to help yourself, you meddle into people's affairs, you are to be marked. And you will not make pleasant association anyways. To Pleiades with the marking for marrying worldly people.

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